Sunday, November 21, 2010

I'll Take Political Potpourri for $200 Alex

 Coffee has kicked  in so let's get this ranting started:
-        John Kyl (R-AZ), the #2 Republican in the Senate, will not allow the START Treaty to come to a vote until next year when the chances of rejection are higher.  So Kyl and company are siding with our enemies in North Korea and Iran?  In a way yes.  This treaty is necessary to get Russia on board with our strategy against North Korea and Iran, without it, we extend an environment that enables the rogue states to pursue nuclear aspirations.  Look at this weekend’s news that North Korea has rapidly built a new enrichment facility.
-        Listening Bobby Jindal this morning on Meet The Press:  Why don’t you stay in Louisiana and figure out to get safe drinking water to New Orleans.
-        Racial profiling is a necessary tool in screening for terrorists.  I said it.  That goes for travelers, airport employees, everybody. 
-        When asked by Christiane Amanpour about how the rest of the world would view a Sarah Palin run for 2012, the Financial Times’ Ed Luce replied “With horror, I think.”  She is better off being an entertainer because she has already proven that being governor was too much work when she quit halfway through her 1st term.  She wants to be voted most popular in the class, but realizes president of the class is a lot work, in the end she may end up simply being the class clown.
-        When will Middle Class America realize that Republicans do not have your best interests at heart?  Today they fight for keeping income and corporate taxes low for millionaires and billionaires, but seem to have no issue cutting unemployment benefits, letting taxes go up when the stimulus expires ($400/individual), and allowing the earned income tax credit expire.
-        Pelosi becoming minority leader is the best thing for Obama.  He can step in and fill the centrist void as the Congressional Democrats dig in their heels on the left and the obstructionist GOP focuses on making Obama another Jimmy Carter. 
-        Lame duck Congress should put DADT repeal and the Dream Act on the Defense Appropriations Bill and make the Republicans say nay.  Paint them as putting American lives at risk, pro-Taliban, and unpatriotic.
Finally, it is becoming increasingly clear that at the end of the day I will likely have paid more into Social Security than I will receive as a benefit.  So why is Bernie Maddoff the only one in prison?

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