Monday, November 1, 2010

Monday Mishegas

Lots to cover:

1) Rand Paul, GOP candidate for senate from Kentucky is a self proclaimed board certified Ophthalmologist.  Problem is he isn't certified by the nationally recognized American Board of Ophthalmology, but instead by the National Board of organization that he founded and which he is the President.  I am not saying that makes him unfit for Congress, but this Cy Sperling, President and member of the Hair Club for Men proclamation has to make you ask WTF.

2) Nestor Kirchner, 60, former leftist and populist President of Argentina, husband of current President Cristina Fernandez, and likely presidential candidate in 2011 died last week from heart failure.  Following the mandatory day of mourning the MSCI Argentina index rose13 per cent and shares in Galicia, the country’s biggest consumer lender, surged 26 per cent in New York.  Doubt that made it into the eulogy.

3) Bristol Palin said she is surprised that she hasn't been eliminated from DWTS yet, and in the process marks the first time I have ever agreed with anything said by a Palin.

4) I guess it's safe to say that Randy Quaid as entered the pantheon of embarrassing brothers where one can find Stephen Baldwin, Billy Carter, and Charlie Sheen.

5) The GOP will take over the House in January and guess what they will find:  there's nothing Congress can do to reduce unemployment and get the economy growing at 5% per quarter.  Want to know why?  It will take 3-4 years before the housing market gets back on its feet AND that's what it will take the lift this economy.  Citizens are repairing their personal balance sheets which means no one is spending and no one is borrowing which means no one is lending.  Good luck Snooky Boehner.

6) I will enjoy over the next two years watching the Tea Party realize it has been the victim of the world's biggest scam.  Bigger than Ponzi, Amway, and Maddof.  The pro business anti regulation backers of the Tea Party Chapters will get their flying monkeys to do their bidding in DC as they 'reduce' the size of government through the gutting of the SEC, FDA, EPA, IRS, and the departments of energy and education. 

7) Reps Steve King (R-IA) and Michelle Bachmann (R-MN) are Tea Party favorites because of their rants against big government and their love of the free markets.  Fact is both are big proponents of federal farm subsidies for their constituents and Bachmann's family has also personally benefited to the tune of $250k in subsidies.

8) Go see the movie Inside Job and get educated on the 25+ years of federal deregulation that led to increasingly unstable bubbles culminating in the 2008 depression.  You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll need a cocktail...but stay away from sharp objects.

9) Speaking of Bachmann, how bad are things in Minnesota?  3rd round pick for Randy Moss, three games and waived.

10) Where have you gone Joe The Plumber, a nation turns it's lonely eyes to the Jersey Shore woo woo woo.

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