Friday, November 26, 2010

An assortment of Thanksgiving leftovers.

What no Cranberry Sauce?
-        South Korea’s defense minster Kim Tae-young resigned just days after the shelling of Yeonpyeong Island by North Korea (Sarah, they’re the bad Korea).  Makes you wonder how the hell Rumsfeld held onto his position for nearly six years.
-        As much as I enjoy Modern Family, it still comes up short when compared to Arrested Development, which can be seen on IFC.  Liza Minnelli playing vertigo-inflicted Lucille Two was priceless.
-        In a Thanksgiving tradition, President Obama spared a turkey at the White House on Wednesday.   Joe Biden could not be reached for comment.
-        Big week coming up in Washington as the lame duck congress comes back to work.  Tuesday hearings on DADT repeal, START ratification, and on Wednesday the Deficit Reduction Commission holds it vote.  Safe to say nothing will get accomplished.  Same as it ever was.
-        All of these predictions the new airport security screening processes would lead to massive delays turned out to be just like Y2K.  Dire warnings followed by much ado about nothing.
-        I am happy that pilots and flight attendants will be able to bypass the new screening procedures.   However, I wonder who is speaking for the thousands of airport and airline employees who work every day in the secured zones?
-        A ½ mile tunnel linking Tijuana and San Diego to smuggle drugs and other contraband was discovered days ago.  Once again proving the point that building static fences didn’t work well for the French in 1940 and they don’t work today.
-        I am excited that the Patriots are 9-2.  But the defense couldn’t stop a refrigerator from running.
-        President Obama received 12 stitches after accidentally getting elbowed during a pick-up basketball game.  I hope his cover story is better than Tiger’s from a year ago.

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