Friday, November 12, 2010

Friday Freeks and Fun Facts

-        Latest weight loss breakthrough: The basics of weight loss are simple: Eat less. Move more.  And that’s why America is getting more obese by the day.
-        Murrah High School coach Marlon Dorsey has since been suspended for violently paddling his students' backsides, saying he was trying to "save these young men."  In 1992 Indiana coach Bobby Knight mock whipped a black player, Calbert Cheney, making national headlines and resulting in protests by civil rights leaders.  Will there be any civil rights protests against Mr. Dorsey?
-        Passengers on the Carnival Splendor have been sharing their horror stories from their 72 hour ordeal.  "It was gross when the toilets weren't working. What can you do?" Harlan said.  Really?  Speaking on behalf of the citizens of New Orleans: man the f__k up bitch.
-        During his interview this week with Matt Lauer, Kanye West seemed to fold like origami when Lauer pressed the Taylor Swift controversy.  After the interview Kanye said he would not appear on the Today’s show Black Friday concert at Rockefeller Plaza on November 26th.  Yo Krackpot Kanye if you can’t handle an interview with Matt Lauer, move to the Galapagos Islands.  And check with your business manager as you just passed up a tremendous sales opportunity: Black Friday live performance in Manhattan.
-        According to CNN, an aging workforce could lead to increased cases of dementia at the workplace.  Great the office will be even more like congress.

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