Sunday, January 15, 2012

Weekend tweet highlights and other stuff from team Diggaduh

Sunday Night Wrap Up
Remember in GoodFellas how Paulie and company takeover & then milk the restaurant for everything then torch it? Sounds like Bain Capital to me.
Thought I was watching CBS Undercover Boss but it turns out it was a 30 minute Super PAC ad about Romney.
Sunday night was the Golden Globes night; brought to you by the Hollywood Foreign Press: The trinity of Conservative horror.
Jim DeMint is chickenshit. He won't endorse before the South Carolina Primary. Does Nikki Haley have your balls Mr. Senator?  The so-called kingmaker must be waiting until after the coronation to endorse someone.
Rick Perry's campaign is in so much trouble his Super PAC was downgraded to Mediocre PAC.
Tim Tebow prays while Rob Gronkowski hangs out with strippers and porn stars. Devil had scoreboard Saturday night.
Texas believes a woman should have an unnecessary ultrasound before having her legally protected abortion, proving once again that social conservatives want the biggest government possible to help enforce their crackpot morality.
Mark Hanna, the famous political fixer and boss of the late 19th century "The three most important things in American politics are money, money, & I forget what the other one is.”
I’d love to see the Republicans take the Obama Administration to court over the recess appointments.  Yes, let it play out in the press as unemployment stays high and Boehner and his caucus worry about a few appointments and not jobs.
Did you know Mississippi has the highest rate of church attendance and the highest murder rate?  Gay marrying liberal Vermont has the lowest murder rate?  Massachusetts, the great bastion of secular liberalism, was the 1st state to legalize gay marriage and has the lowest divorce rate. So do me a favor Social Conservatives, Family Research Council, and the rest:  instead of shoving your moral bullshit down my throat, why don’t you shove it up your ass.
Who is the 1%?  On a global basis, an individual earning $34,000/yr would qualify for the 1%.
Since 2004, the rate of birth defects and childhood cancer in Fallujah, Iraq is at 14.7%, possibly due to the depleted uranium and white phosphorous munitions used by American forces.  That rate is higher than Hiroshima after WWII.
Does the Republican electorate really like its choices?  Apparently not.  58% of primary voters say they want more choices while only 37% are satisfied.  Can you say enthusiasm gap?
Why does increased poverty matter?  Data suggests that children born into poverty are at a higher risk of ADHD.
Auto industry analysts are predicting U.S. domestic light vehicle sales will increase from 2011 sales of 12.6m to 14.7m in 2013, and 16.2m in 2015.  Good thing we have an auto industry.

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