Sunday, January 29, 2012

Diggapedia Recap: A Baker’s Dozen

1)      Today on CBS’ Face the Nation Reince Priebus called President Obama Captain Schettino on multiple occasions and then laughed.  The utter lack of respect from the head of the RNC is appalling.
2)      The Tennessee Tea Party wants to revise textbooks and curricula because of criticism of the Founding Fathers.  Yes apparently it is improper to teach “an awful lot of made-up criticism about, for instance, the Founders intruding on the Indians or having slaves or being hypocrites.”  In other words, Palin-Bachmann revisionist history.
3)      Newt Gingrich alleged that Mitt Romney lies.  Still no stunned silence from the people in response to the allegation.
4)      Jan Brewer took the heat off fellow Governors Barbour, Christie, Walker, and Scott thanks to her finger pointing at President Obama.  Ugly and mean as a Javelina.
5)      The GOP continued is poorly veiled attempt to sway voters by suggesting Marco Rubio (Senate-FL) or Susana Martinez (Gov-NM) as potential VP choices.  Pandering and denigrating all in one.
6)      Shocking news that bank executives were warning this week again of dire consequences to the global economy as a result to new global regulations on proprietary trading new reserve requirements.  Yeah, tough to take these guys serious after 2008-2009.
7)      Paula Deen took a lot of grief after disclosing she has type II diabetes.  But is that any worse than Ralph Alvarez is retired president and chief operating officer of McDonald's Corporation sitting on Eli Lilly’s board?
8)      According to the Economist, the richest 25 hedge fund investors earned over $25Billion in 2009.  They paid taxes at a 15% marginal rate.  Buffett Rule Now.
9)      Mitch Daniels was George W. Bush’s Budget Director from 2001 – 2003.  During that tenure, tenure with a GOP controlled Congress, a projected $236Billion surplus became a $400Billlion deficit.  And this guy was criticizing President Obama and Democratic spending?
10)   Newt Gingrich has amassed some pretty significant endorsements: Rick Perry, Todd & Sara Palin, and Herman Cain to name a few.  By significant, I mean “yeah these mental midgets will really help you get the nomination”.
11)   Newt says he is a leader because he has vision.  That’s part of it, but leadership requires inspiring a shared vision.  Newt’s vision doesn’t inspire as much as it induces mocking.
12)   Seal Time Six was on the scoreboard again during a hostage rescue in Somalia.  Yeah, they’re that good.
13)   Two more GOP debates brought President Obama closer to re-election.

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