Thursday, January 5, 2012

Some advice to disappointed left

Many on the left are disappointed in President Obama.  He hasn’t embraced the OWS movement, he hasn’t moved on Card Check, he isn’t pushing for immigration reform, he is prosecuting an illegal war in Pakistan, Guantanamo Bay remains open, no Wall Street executives have been charged, he hasn’t abolished fracking, Keystone pipeline still isn’t dead, he compromises too much, we don’t have a public option, we don’t have the Dream Act, the stimulus was too small, his chief of staff isn’t Liberal, he isn’t Hillary, he smokes, he golfs, he hasn’t fired Geithner, etc.  Celebrities like Cheadle, Damon, and Winfrey are disappointed and may not support him like they did in 2008.  Arianna Huffington has even said she could consider supporting Jon Huntsman.  Well, here is my advice to the acutely disappointed:
Go run into your bedroom, slam the door, say you’re not coming out, and hold your breath pouting.  Then grow the hell up and think about who you are helping and who you are harming.
Tonight’s Quiz Question, courtesy of the underrated Kevin Smith film Chasing Amy.  There is a pot of gold in the middle of an intersection; standing on each corner, equidistant from the pot of gold, are: Santa Claus, The Easter Bunny, a compassionate conservative, and a Leprechaun.  Who reaches the prize first and gets the gold?
No one, because none them f—king exist.
Some final closing bullets:
Whoever has Pat Buchanan, can we send you Joe Scarborough and Michael Steele?
Everyone is up in arms about the planned Defense cuts announced by President Obama and Secretary Panetta.  The cuts come to $50 billion/yr.  According to the National Priorities Project of the Office of Management and Budget, between 2001 and 2010 U.S. military spending increased by 71 percent, from $423 billion to $723 billion, in inflation-adjusted 2010 dollars. Military spending is 58 percent of “discretionary” spending.  So cutting $50 billion per year on something that has increased by $300 billion over 10 years does not seem so excessive to me.
Scott Brown (R-MA) backed President Obama’s recess appointment of Richard Cordray as head of the new CFPB.  Change of heart?  Heck no.  Self-preservation as he trails Elizabeth Warren in the race to keep his Senate Seat.
Since 1980, the winner of the South Carolina GOP Primary has gone on to win the nomination.  With Romney the anointed one, trailing in South Carolina, the trend could be in jeopardy.
The Boston Globe endorsed former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman instead of Mitt Romney.  No one should be shocked.  The paper endorsed John McCain in 2008.
America doesn’t need a Businessman-In-Chief.  It needs a leader.  Just say no to Mitt.
Want to know why Iran is doing all this sabre rattling about the Straits of Hormuz?  The U.S. sanctions under President Obama are working.

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