Thursday, January 12, 2012

I wrote this in November 2010. How did I do? How did he do?

I hope President Obama takes the initiative for the next two years; don’t be a politician, be a leader.  Inspire the nation with a vision of social progress (DADT and Immigration Policy) while laying out the necessary policies to keep the economy moving (short term stimulus) while reducing long term debt (entitlement reform and discretionary spending cuts).  You must be transformational: change the tax code, enable technology development, and eliminate unnecessary bureaucracy.  It will be tough medicine for Americans, but it must be done.   Tell the nation what it needs, not what it wants.  If you own the tactics by not delegating the work to Congress AND don’t allow the Republicans to take control of the dialogue, you will be successful.  Be Obama the leader, not Obama the politician. 

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