Sunday, January 22, 2012


Myth: Charter schools are the answer to our education system woes.
Myth: Tenure means we have the best teachers
Fact: Public schools that reward the best teachers will yield long term results

Myth: President Obama is a socialist
Myth: Government determines what cars GM will make
Fact: General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler all experienced double digit sales increases in 2011

Myth: Stimulus of 2009 failed
Myth: No tax cuts were included
Fact: Stimulus worked and we averted a depression

Myth: President Obama has appeased Iran
Myth: Iran wants nukes to threaten Israel.
Fact: President Obama’s international collaborative approach has brought Iran to the table while keeping Israel under wraps.

Myth: President Obama is not a US citizen
Myth: President Obama is a Muslim
Fact: President Obama is an American born to an American mother and Kenyan father in Hawaii.

Myth: Dodd-Frank is a job killer
Myth: Affordable Care Act is a job killer
Fact: Jobs were killed because we had NO financial regulation and ACA creates jobs

Myth: If we drill more oil domestically, the price will go down.
Myth: Keystone XL Pipeline will create 50k jobs
Fact: Oil is traded on exchanges and prices go up and down based on global supply, demand, and shocks.

Myth: President Obama hates Israel
Myth: President Obama is pro-Palestinian
Fact: President Obama has stood by Israel at the UN, has sold weapons systems to the Israelis that Bush refused to sell, and his call for a two state solution is on the same borders as every US President.

Myth: President Obama has added more debt than any other US President
Myth: Simpson Bowles failed because President Obama didn’t approve it
Fact: Ronald Reagan increased debt/GDP more than any other President and Simpson Bowles never made it to the President’s desk because Republicans Camp, Ryan, and Hensarling rejected the proposal

Myth: Debt reduction can be accomplished by raising taxes on the rich
Myth: Debt reduction can be accomplished by reducing discretionary spending
Fact: It will take tax increases across the board and spending cuts across the board to balance a budget.

Myth: Ronald Reagan never raised taxes
Myth: Today’s Republican Party would nominate Ronald Reagan
Fact: Reagan raised taxes, increased spending, and increased the size of government, all of which would be anathema to today’s GOP.

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