Friday, January 27, 2012

The GOP needs a bigger clown car

So Gingrich likes to call the President the ‘Food Stamp President’.  I am not going to comment on the veiled racist tone of this charge, but instead look at the facts.  Yes facts, more people were put on food stamps during the Bush administration.  By the way Newt, when an economic disaster happens due in part to the policies you now espouse driving more people into poverty, yes that does result in more people going on food stamps.  And quit making food stamps into this vile and detestable program.  When failed millionaires like Donald Trump can frequently file for bankruptcy protection thanks in part to this nation’s safety net program it is troubling that a candidate for President would deny a similar safety net to regular Americans.  Newt is bad for America.
Jan Brewer succeeded in getting back to the majors.  Her behavior during President Obama’s visit to Arizona proved once again that this cabal of Republican politicians wants to deny the President’s legitimacy.  A sad day indeed for Arizona and America.  Nonetheless, I am enthusiastic about our State Senator Kyrsten Sinema who now seeks to represent the newly created ninth congressional district in DC.
After another debate and the President’s recent successes, I am more confident in my 310-228 prediction this November. 
Do the GOP candidates realize how silly they sound when they attack President Obama’s foreign policy achievements?  Not since FDR has a President accomplished more on the global stage.
Any chance Arianna Huffington and Michael Moore will self-deport?
Newt Gingrich got punished like the Stay Puft Marshmallow guy at the end of Ghostbusters.  Mitt’s new debate coach clearly had his new student ready.  Yeah, Newt got Gronked.
Finally, President Obama took a lot of heat over the stimulus; it worked, because the proposed employment gains that were touted by his economic team were not realized in full.   This forced the President’s team to take the position that things would have been worse without the Stimulus.  Unfortunately, proving the negative as a campaign slogan is not a sunning formula.  But, now we see the GOP, especially Romney, are dangerously close to falling into the same trap.  Yes, the Republicans are now claiming that President Obama has hampered the recovery.  So, the GOP now has to admit that things are turning around, but find themselves trying to prove the negative that it could be better if we didn’t President Obama. 

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