Friday, January 6, 2012

Friday Happy Hour Specials

Unemployment for college graduates went down but unemployment for non-college graduates went up.  Republicans say they are for creating jobs but want to cut Pell grants.  Obviously they are for creating jobs….somewhere else.
President Obama’s Achilles heel is his inability to connect with white lower income people.  Well neither can Mitt.  This could lead to a significant drop in GOP voter enthusiasm and turnout.
Rick Santorum is trying to present himself as the lone fiscal and social conservative.  Nice try.  The man was a key cog on the Republican K-Street Lobbying Machine and was in the Senate rubber stamping the massive Bush unfunded deficit spending.
When you have held political office for 10 years and run for President you cannot claim to your followers “I am not a politician.”  Yes Michele Bachmann I am talking to you.  Not since Nixon’s ‘I am not a crook’, has anything sounded so absurd from a politician.
Ron Paul wants to turn the clock back to 1881 to the days of no central bank, a weak federal government, state control of everything, and sailboats to connect us to Europe.
Everyone mocked Florida for the 2000 Presidential election debacle.  But after watching the Rick Perry campaign and two terms of Bush, I am convinced that Texas belongs in special education class.  Apologies to the sane who did not support the dynamic duos, you are collateral damage.  Icing on the cake: Texas Congressmen Ron Paul, Louis Gohmert, and Joe Barton.  Prosecution rests.
And yet it’s the Texas School Commission that decides what goes into our kids’ text books.  Circle of Life becomes the Circle of Stupidity.
Michele Bachmann told her supporters Monday night that God would deliver a miracle on Tuesday.  He did, but it had nothing to do with her.  PS Michele, I think Tim Tebow has preferred status and you are back in coach.
Have to admit that I am surprised by Romney’s strong polling numbers in South Carolina.  The Mormon carpetbagger is beating the tar out of the self-proclaimed conservatives.
Erin Burnett actually got more annoying after moving to CNN.
Excuse me, but doesn’t Rand Paul have a job?  Time to end Bring My kid to the Campaign Trail Day and go to the Senate and pass some job growth legislation.
Comparing President Obama’s economy to Reagan’s in 1983 and 1984 are as pertinent as comparing Alexander the Great to Alexander Graham Bell.  The economics and global landscape were completely different.
Glad George Stephanopoulos is back at the desk of ABC’s This Week.
Rick Santorum was equally disgusted and interested when he heard that the US Navy had saved some Iranian Seamen.
Twitter is crack.
If there was an Immaculate Conception today in America, why do I think it would be some poor girl living in a trailer park in Nebraska next to a meth cook trailer.
It is time for Chris Berman and Tom Jackson to go; especially Berman.  You have become as stale as day old bagels at Albertsons.
Why does Eric Cantor always look like he has a mouthful of Santorum?
January Television premiers: Justfied, Southland, and Shameless.
I do not begrudge the cast of the Jersey Shore.  Someone’s willing to pay so Godspeed.  I do however; never want to hear anyone say that the Soprano’s cast Italian-Americans in a bad light.
Why do baseball managers wear team uniforms instead of suits like other sports? 
Sunday will mark the one year anniversary of the tragic shooting in Tucson.  More in Diggapedia on Sunday.

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