Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tuesday's Top Ten (31Jan2012)

10) Enjoyed the debut of HBO’s new series Luck last night. Though I needed to see it twice to make sure I caught everything.  Great cast, great acting, but I just can’t by Rain Man as a mobster; especially with Dennis Farina playing his driver.
9) Hope our boy Gronk is close to 100% for Sunday.  If not, Pats will need to come up with Plan B.  Things to watch for: turnovers, 3rd down conversion rate on defense, field position.
8) Romney’s negative numbers continue to worsen as he runs a negative campaign.  Recovering from bad negatives is a lot harder than carpet bombing a nomination rival.  He will find out how difficult it is when the real campaign begins.
7) Boston Bruins goalie Tim Thomas has every right to say what is on his mind.  But when he turned an honorary visit to the White House into a political statement he made the story about him and not the team.  That’s not what a team player does.  Further, if you are so opposed to the policies of this nation, perhaps you should return your 2010 silver medal to the USOC.
6) With the pathetic performance by Bob Schieffer on Face the Nation last Sunday during the heinous attack by RNC chairman Reince Priebus on President Obama, I am now down to This Week and Fareed Zakaria GPS as the only Sunday Talk Shows I will watch regularly. 
5) How bad a candidate is New Gingrich?  His moon colony isn’t his worst idea.
4) The Susan G. Komen Foundation has lost a significant amount funding, goodwill, and love from its supporters as a result of this politically motivated decision to drop its grant to Planned Parenthood.   Last year Planned Parenthood received $680,000 from SGKF, I believe that public donations from ordinary citizens will offset that loss.
3) Latest Rasmussen Presidential Approval Poll showed 51% approval rating versus 48% disapproval for the President.   This is remarkable considering the numbers were 43%/56% on December 1st.
2) Mitt Romney is afraid of releasing other tax returns because it will show that he may have paid close to 0% in taxes during the down years in 2001 and 2008.
1) I do not believe there is a cooler character on TV than Raylan Givens portrayed by Timothy Olyphant on FX’s Justified.

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