Friday, January 13, 2012

Some Dinner Leftovers

Adam Sandler wins a People’s Choice Award for Comedic Movie Actor.  I guess that explains the Iowa Caucus.
The Neocons led by the Family Cheney and John Bolton say President Obama has been a foreign policy failure.  That’s like saying Michael Phelps can’t do the dog paddle, Meryl Streep needs acting lessons, Aaron Rodgers throws too many interceptions, and U2 will never last.
When Rick Santorum has sex, do you think he still wears the sweater vest?  And only the sweater vest?  How did that bile taste?
When it snows in the Northern Israeli Golan Heights what do kids use for a yarmulke on their snowmen?
So the Iranians have moved to Chapter Three of the instigation playbook: using speedy gunships to antagonize our bigger Coast Guard Vessels.  Fellas here some advice from my mom, ignore them and they will go away.
So Tea Party mouthpiece, CNN rightie, and unabashed Progressive Hater Dana Loesch thinks criticism of the Marines who urinated on dead Taliban fighters from the left is worse than the actual desecration.   How do you debate such illogic?
I can’t remember the last time that the crop of movies for the awards season has been so weak.  Cars 2 may get an Oscar nomination.
Season 2 premier of Shameless was last weekend and it was as fantastic as last season.  Apparently word of mouth has worked for the show too.  Viewership is up 50% from last year.
Arizona Governor Jan Brewer says she won’t fight the federal government any longer and will allow medical marijuana dispensaries to open.  Brewer figures a stoned electorate is her best hope of a successful administration.
President Obama’s request for Congressional approval to consolidate several agencies is brilliant.  If the House says no they play into his hands as not being for smaller government.  If they say yes, they play into his hands by giving him something he wants.
Nine Eurozone nations had their debt ratings lowered today by S&P.  How soon until Germany annexes France and Austria?
Is it too late to get Donald Trump in the race?  The Reality show that is the GOP campaign is getting stale and needs a jump start.

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