Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I don't resolutions, but I do requests

Things that could make my day:
1)      Mika Brzezinski telling Joe Scarborough to STFU.
2)      A football analyst with balls like golf analyst Johnny Miller to come out and say Tim Tebow sucks.
3)      Pop up fact checks for talk shows and debates to note when a politician or pundit is lying.
4)      Forcing fracking and gas company executives to drink water from contaminated wells.
5)      Mandatory fines for anyone driving in the left lane that is not passing a car to the right.
6)      Lazy OB’s who don’t return their shopping carts to a parking lot receptacle get door dinged for every offense.
7)      Force Dell computer executives to work the same pieces of crap they sell to us.
8)      Replace David Gregory on Meet The Press with Rachel Maddow.
9)      Watch Eric Cantor cry when the GOP loses the House majority.
10)   Someone to mess up Mitt Romney’s hair during interview.  Anyone.
11)   Hollywood to make more movies for adults.
12)   Improved multitasking skills that can allow me to tweet, read, blog, and watch TV simultaneously.  I’d pay for a pill that can do that.
13)   Stable Iraq and Afghanistan.
14)   HBO’s The Wire becoming mandatory viewing in public schools.
15)   Great tickets to see the Black Keys
16)   A nutritional way to eat Grimaldi’s Pizza everyday
17)   Marcus Bachmann endorsing Rick Perry
18)   Jimmy Fallon hosting the Tonight Show and Jay Leno hosting …nothing.
19)   A new George R.R. Martin Song of Ice and Fire book every year.
20)   Global collation that brings Iran to its nuclear aspirational knees leading to regime change.

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