Sunday, April 24, 2011

What if Arabs played hockey?

Do you think warmongers like Senators Graham, McCain, and Lieberman, and neocons like Bolton, Wolfowitz, and Kristol keep pushing for increased action in Libya as a way of defending bloated defense budgets?  Create artificial demand to maintain or increase funding.
NHL playoff hockey is 10 times more exciting than NBA playoff basketball. 
No deficit reduction plan can be taken seriously that does not include some level element of tax increases.  The Ryan plan is a joke.  More tax cuts and history shows that more tax cuts don’t create jobs.  If you don’t believe me, look at this century.
Oil is a global commodity traded in dollars.  If the US was to produce more, it would not change the price significantly.  Just because we pull more out of our lands does not mean the price will drop back to 2009 levels.  After all, oil companies are sitting on granted leases and not exploring.  Why?  Bad business.  Oil goes up because more traders believe the price will go up and that is what they are betting on.
Unemployment rate sits at 20% in the Construction Sector.  With so many homes and building sitting in inventory and no major infrastructure projects coming thanks to spending cuts, the nation won’t see unemployment rates below 6% anytime soon.
New premium pay television series Game of Thrones (HBO), The Borgias (Showtime), and Camelot (Starz) have one thing in common: gratuitous sex and violence.  I am not saying it’s a bad thing, but after Rome and The Tudors, clearly the executives at these networks figured out how to make history and fantasy, a little more, well….fantasy-friendly.
Meanwhile on AMC is The Killing, a serial drama that covers the investigation and key principals following the murder of a high school girl in suburban Seattle.  Every character seems to have some secret or some mysterious past and each week, the show peels back just enough to keep you guessing.
Royal wedding this week; give it the royal flush.
Last year was Tunisia, last month was Egypt, last week was Bahrain, today is Yemen and Libya, tomorrow is Syria, and next week is Lebanon, next month is Iran, and next year will be Turkey.  The season of Arab and Muslim unrest will not be ending anytime soon.  Stay tuned.

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