Friday, April 22, 2011

Dichotomy and Irony

Mississippi annually is declared the most religious state in the country and yet a majority of its Republican Party members believe interracial marriage should be illegal.  Dichotomy: Christian God Loving Bigots.
Republican Senator John Ensign called for Bill Clinton to resign during the Lewinsky scandal, “He has no credibility left.”  The same John Ensign announced his resignation today.   The resignation comes nearly two years after Ensign acknowledged having had an extramarital affair with a former staffer. He was accused of helping the woman's husband - a top former Ensign staffer - obtain lobbying work.  Irony: Those that preach the loudest should probably shut the heck up.
Kentucky’s Creation Museum follows the Young Earth Creationists belief that the earth is only 10,000 years old and man cohabitated the earth with dinosaurs.  Now if dinosaurs were wiped out by a great flood, as preached by creationists, wouldn’t our Environmentalist ancestors have fought to save the dinosaurs as part of some nascent World Wildlife Fund or at least ask Noah to build a bigger ark?  Dichotomy: The ark was big enough for two of everything, except for dinosaurs?  Who did the brontosaurus piss off to not get invited?
The original birther scandal was born during the nasty spring days in the 2008 campaign when disgruntled Clinton supporters started challenging President Obama’s citizenship, and even going as far as creating fake documents.  Now three years later the GOP has taken this false conspiracy theory to all new levels.  Irony: The man your supporters attack one day, could become your boss some day and now you need to defend him.

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