Wednesday, April 6, 2011

20ish Questions

Why is Conservative Mike Pence (R-IN) misogynistic? 
Why can’t Michelle Bachmann answer a question?
Why did the media fail to mention that Paul Ryan’s 2012 budget included $5Trillion in tax cuts for corporations and the richest 1% of Americans?
Why do Democrats have no shame when they blame the GOP for not ending the funding debate, when it was the Democratic majority who failed to pass a budget in 2010?
Do you think Wisconsin voters are having voter remorse?
Is it me or does Scott Brown (R-MA) actually represent America; socially progressive, fiscally conservative?
Should anyone care what Alan Greenspan has to say?
If Glenn Beck disappears, will he be missed?  Will anyone care?
What ails Ailes?  Glenn Beck apparently.
How big would Bill Clinton’s margin of victory be today if he could run for President?
Is Sarah Palin jealous of Michelle Bachmann?
What happened to championship boxing? 
Why are airplane maintenance issues only discovered right before departure?
Why do I cringe every time I am told IT will be loading software updates?
Should we care that the Grammy Awards reduced the number of awards from 109 to 78?  That one was rhetorical.
If government shuts down on Friday, will anyone notice?
When will Newt Gingrich realize he is a caricature of a joke pretending to be a presidential candidate?
Who will tell Donald Trump he is fired?
Why isn’t Eva Green (Camelot) on TV every night on every channel?
Is it ironic that Germany, with its track record of warmongering, is the one NATO country opposed to military intervention in Libya?
Do you think President Obama drops the occasional F Bomb when dealing with Boehner and McConnell?
Is it Un-American to believe that some people like Pastor Jones and anyone from Westboro Baptist Church should lose his 1st Amendment rights?

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