Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tuesday's Tidbits

-        Katie Couric leaving CBS Evening News.  I didn’t know CBS still had an evening news show.
-        If you watch Celebrity Apprentice or anything else to do with Trump you may be an idiot.
-        Why do I think Trump will have Joe The Plumber on next season of Celebrity Apprentice?
-        Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour will not run for President.  The Good Ole Boy couldn’t shake the Bubba Crackuh label.
-        As social conservatives continue their attacks on Planned Parenthood, I grow even more convinced that the government should INCREASE its funding of this crucial public healthcare service provider.
-        Gabby Giffords travelling to her husband’s shuttle launch this week is storybook stuff.  I know she has a long road ahead, but if this doesn’t touch you, check your pulse.
-        The increasingly deteriorating situation in Syria could hit super crises point in less than a week.  Will NATO, the Arab League, and the UN stand up?  Unlike Libya, Syria is of great strategic importance to us due to its ties to Iran and Hezbollah in Lebanon.  The U.S. should already be working the phone lines to get global support for forcing al-Assad to step down.
-        Ron Paul is entering the GOP nomination ring.  Should be interesting to see how the Beltway Republicans attack him this time.
-        Does anyone else see the irony that it is now the Republicans having to defend themselves at town hall meetings this year?  Suddenly your Medicare changes are making you the masters of death panels.  Good luck with that.
-        The House Progressive Caucus submitted its budget plan and it is loaded with higher taxes on the rich and the end of the Bush Tax Cuts.  Where the Ryan plan didn’t include sufficient tax increases this one is too heavily reliant on investment killing tax increases.  Said it before, said it again, the right mix is 65% spending cuts and 35% tax increases.
-        Hooked on Game of Thrones.  Love the intrigue.
-        These polls asking Americans to decide what we should do in Libya or how we should stabilize our finances are essentially worthless.  It’s like asking 7 year olds to vote whether they should eat chicken fingers or Brussels sprouts.  Public polls don’t make public policy.

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