Monday, June 27, 2011

Why are the Stans bad for us?

Many on the right and left are calling for an immediate pull out of U.S. troops from Afghanistan based on the killing of Bin Laden and the reported decimation of Al Qaeda in the war torn country.   I believe the President is doing the right thing and people have forgotten that the Pakistan of 2001 versus the Pakistan of 2011are two different places.  Its proliferation of nuclear weapons, the rise of an Islamic terror organization, the overthrow of one government, the murder of a popular leader, the terror attack in India, and the rise of China have forced us to change the mission and the desired outcomes have also changed.  Also, the counterinsurgency policy works only if it leads to a peaceful diplomatic solution that must involve the Taliban in the government in some form.  It is neither clean nor perfect, but then again what is in the world today.
I remember the old Steven Wright comedy bit about how he named his dog Stay, and would tell him “Come here Stay”, and the dog would get all confused.  It’s kind of like what the world wants the U.S. to do every time a hot spot flares up somewhere: save us, now leave, why did you come, when are you going to leave.  I now understand why Superman said fuck it and moved to the Fortress of Solitude.
So why is the U.S. pressing Europe to keep Greece from failing?  Because if you thought the Lehman Brothers failure shocked the financial system, a Greek default would send the globe back into recession.  In related news, you ever notice how the economics intelligently challenged (that would be you Sarah Palin) think that it is a sign of weakness when the dollar drops.  Actually a lower dollar helps our exports which help the economy especially when domestic consumption is meager.  I wonder if Palin watches the currency exchange and screams USA USA when the dollar goes up against the Euro.
Further evidence that we are lemmings.  A Washington woman drove her SUV down a boat ramp into a lake because her GPS system said so.
President Obama’s argument that we are not engaged in hostilities in Libya is pathetic.  I wonder if he is trying to double down on his Bin Laden killing and back a Gaddafi daily double.
Still don’t believe we are in the midst of climate change?  As of last weekend, we have over 4.3million acres of burned land while we suffer floods in the middle of the country.
Did you know lawn care is a $40billion/year industry?  Now if we can convert grass clippings to biofuel…
Weiner report: During his 14 years as a congressman, Weiner sponsored 191 bills and none of them passed.

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