Sunday, June 19, 2011

For a group with no new ideas, the Tea Party loves to bitch about light bulbs

Still waiting to hear something new from the Republicans on job creation (lowering taxes doesn’t work and zero regulations…well we know how that turned out) and something from the Democrats on deficit reduction.  Not holding breath.
Some Tea Party activists in Florida are offering a weeklong summer camp in Florida that teaches kids that government issued currency is worthless.  And they claim Obama was indoctrinating kids.
A bad sign for yours truly.  A New York man was thrown off an Atlantic Southeast Airlines flight when a flight attendant claimed he was being disruptive while the flight sat on the ground during a 45 minute delay.  “What’s taking so f—king long?” was enough to get Brooklyn’s Mr. Robert Sayegh kicked off.  Yep, I am so screwed.
The Dutch government is planning on passing new laws preventing non-Dutch citizens from buying hashish in the country’s famed ‘coffee shops’.  These anti-tourism laws will likely lead to increased street dealing.  In related news, French officials have announced only French citizens can visit the Eiffel Tower.
After getting shit canned by MSNBC, Keith Olbermann has taken his show Countdown to fledgling network Current TV.  This begs the question if a blowhard is alone in a cable TV forest, does anyone hear him?
Who the hell killed Rosie Larson?  Looks like I am waiting a year to find out.
I love how the Tea Party is making a stand on the switch from incandescent light bulbs to longer lasting fluorescent bulbs; their claim is that the Obama administration is taking away our freedom by mandating longer life light bulbs.  Funny thing is the law was passed by the Bush administration in 2007.  The other funny thing was how none of these alleged patriots said a word when the government passed the Patriot Act which trampled on our civil liberties.

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