Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Mitt vs Michelle, Mormon vs Evangelical, No Caffeine vs TEA Party

Michelle Bachmann is going out of her way to show America that she is a better, brighter, and brainer version of Sarah Palin (take about setting low goals).  Where the Wasillan Wolf Hunter couldn’t name a single newspaper, magazine, or major Supreme Court case during the gotcha Couric interview of 2008, Bachmann went into full name dropping mode during a recent interview with the overly obsequious WSJ reporter Stephen Moore.  When asked about her favorite economists, the Golden Gopher responded that she admires the late Milton Friedman as well as Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams. Really?  The self-professed proponent of the Free Market would obviously love Freidman and his University of Chicago economic theory, but how does she explain her support for farm and oil subsidies?  Subsidies, along with minimum wage, tariffs, and taxes were the anathema of Friedman and his followers.  I guess when your family farm has received tens of thousands of dollars, like Bachmann, you tend to like the FREE part of free market economics.
A recurring Mitt Romney sound bite is to go on about how the President is out of touch with mainstream America and has done nothing to promote job growth.  I guess saving the 1 million jobs in the US Auto Industry doesn’t count.  Oh it doesn’t count because it was government nationalization of the industry and that GM and Chrysler should have filed bankruptcy the old fashioned way.  Unfortunately the old fashioned way is not the best way when the nation is in the midst of its biggest economic crisis since the Great Depression. 
The UK’s Daily Telegraph reported that last month’s Nakba Day clashes on the border between Syria and Israel were orchestrated by the Syrian government to distract the world from the al-Assad government murder of its own civilians.  This Syrian government document that the Telegraph gathered describes 20 buses which were to be dispatched on Israeli Independence Day, May 15, also known as Nakba Day, when the Palestinians mourn the creation of the State of Israel.
Standard & Poor has reduced Greece’s credit rating to the lowest on Monday; insuring Greece debt today is twice the price of insuring Pakistani bonds.  Seriously how bad is your sovereign debt when Pakistan is considered less risky?  Next step default and watch the global markets implode again and which of the PIIGS (Portugal Ireland Italy Greece Spain) will be next?
25 year old Crystal Harris called off her wedding with 85 year old Hugh Hefner this weekend, proving once and for all that Viagra, big house, and a big bank account can only take dirty old men so far.  Perhaps it was the thought of consummation that…oh damn I just swallowed some vomit.
I think Newt Gingrich’s only hope is if he eats the rest of the GOP field.  
Who are the Democrats kidding when they say that the Weiner affair is a distraction that is keeping them from their business?  Within two weeks we’ll be on to the next D.C. drama, or at least wondering what Lady Gaga’s wearing.    

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