Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Schwarzenegger, Edwards, Weiner oh my.

I was a big fan of Congressman Weiner.  He is always god for a sarcastic comment and a vociferous argument on the floor of the House.  Now, I think what Weiner did was reprehensible and how he handled it inexcusable.  That being said, it is not up to Congressional leaders to determine if Weiner should resign.  I get that Pelosi, Hoyer, and others can apply significant pressure on him to resign, but whether he serves or not is the decision of his constituents.  Everyone thought Charlie Rangel was a fool and rule breaker, and at the end of the day he was re-elected in a landslide.  Ultimately it is Weiner’s decision, though if he does decide to resign, I think Eliot Spitzer just found his new cohost.  In related news, there is no confirmation that Brett Favre is now following Anthony Wiener on Twitter.
Frazier-Ali, Munson-Fisk, Borg-McEnroe, Fischer-Spassky, Leno-Letterman….and now Palin-Bachmann.  So before the claims about sexism and Lame Street Media start coming out, remember it was Bachmann’s campaign manager, Ed Rollins, which fired the first salvo.  And is it a double standard of reporting the ‘catfight’ between these two Right wing Tea Party social conservatives and talk about their looks while this doesn’t come up with Pawlenty, Romney, Cain, etc?  Yes it is.  But keep in mind this is America in 2011 where we track the latest trials and tribulations of Lohan, Hilton, and Spears, so this is less about sexism as it about sensationalism.  Besides, who doesn’t like a good Alexis-Krystle knock down drag out fight in a lily pond?
I cannot believe I am doing this, but because I am enjoying the Game of Thrones series so much on HBO, I bought the whole book series and starting reading it, in paperback no less.  That’s right a complete book series about a medieval fantasy world sans Kindle.  I forgot what fiction was.  Yeah right, listen to any politician.
If Lady Gaga’s fans are called Little Monsters, should we call Sarah Palin’s followers Little Minds?
Still waiting to hear the Republican plans to increase jobs.  They have gone after PBS and Planned Parenthood and want to focus on spending cuts.  Spending cuts don’t create jobs.  Spending cut based job creation is like: jumbo shrimp, compassionate conservative, articulate Sarah Palin comment, and anti-government liberal.
Notice how quickly the Japanese nuclear problem, Libyan civil war, tornados in Missouri, and Euro zone fiscal crisis don’t even appear on the news thanks to Weinergate.  Are we still that puritanical or do we still just love the sordid rag stories instead of real news.
Had dinner tonight at Mario Battali’s Babbo in the village.  I just may be the finest meal I have ever had.  Bolognese was perfect and the Calamari Sicilian Life Guard style was to die for.  Oh yeah, Mrs. Diggapedia loved her Veal Chop.

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