Thursday, June 30, 2011

Bye Bye Beck

Be careful what you wish for.  Bill O’Reilly is going after Media Matters by challenging whether its tax exempt status under IRS status 501(c)3.  According to tax filings, the main 501(c)3 branch of Media Matters -- Media Matters for America -- earned nearly $7 million in 2009.  Bill’O and Fox are basing their case on the anti-Fox reporting done by MMA.  If Fox challenges the tax exempt status in court, MMA will be enter Fox’s reporting as evidence and what is more damaging: MMA losing its tax exempt status or Fox having to disavow its ‘fair and balanced’ tagline?
Adios Beckster.  Where Bette Midler sang the farewell song to Johnny, Beck gets Judy Collins and “Send in the Clowns”.  Go join Olbermann in the wilderness and save a place for Hannity, Schultz, and Maddow.  Blowhards on either side are getting on my nerves.
WTF? Fall River authorities say the body of a woman who died in a public pool went undetected for days as swimmers continued to use the pool before the victim was found floating. The body of Marie Joseph, 36, was discovered by teenagers Tuesday evening in the Vietnam Veterans Swimming Pool.  OK, this isn’t a Baby Ruth floating in a country club swimming pool, this is a grown woman floating for two days while people CONTINUED to swim around her.  “Look dude they have an inflatable woman float in this pool”.
MSNBC suspended frequent guest/analyst and Time editor-in-chief Mark Halperin for saying "I thought he was a dick yesterday," about President Obama.  Halperin and the Morning Joe crew apologized immediately and Halperin has been striking a conciliatory tone since the statement.  I loved how Joe Scarborough immediately called for the bleep delay only to realize the new associate producer wasn’t trained on how to use the bleeper.  In related news, Mitt Romney is still a dick.
Which brings us to Rick Perry, Governor of Texas and potential Republican presidential candidate who in a recent Public Policy Poll trailed Obama in TEXAS.  Cheez, dude if you can’t win Texas and you are from Texas, and you are a Republican, you may be a redneck Republican failure.  I guess it must be tough to win when you call out Obama as a Socialist, mock the stimulus, rail on Washington and yet when facing a $6.6 billion shortfall for its 2010-2011 fiscal years it plugged nearly all of that deficit with $6.4 billion in Recovery Act money, allowing it to leave its $9.1 billion rainy day fund untouched.
Speaking of hypricrites.  As GOP presidential candidate, Tea Party Heroine and Minnesota Congresswoman  Michele Bachmann tours the nation criticizing government as too big and too expensive, she has come under mounting scrutiny over public money flowing to family business interests.  There’s $259,000 in federal subsidies paid since 1995 to a family farm of which Bachmann is a part-owner. Another $30,000 went to Bachmann and Associates Counseling Clinic in the last five years from various Minnesota government agencies, including one small payment logged the day after the congresswoman’s official 2012 kickoff.  In addition, at least $137,000 came from Medicaid-backed programs for patients using the mental health clinic run by her husband, Marcus Bachmann.  All of the money poured through legitimate channels and yet Bachmann has fashioned herself as one of the fiercest foes of government spending.  Brilliant. 

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