Monday, June 13, 2011

I cut $300Billion from the federal budget and it's not even time for lunch

Talk about irony.  The cause of the deadly E.coli outbreak in Germany that has killed 33 and sickened thousands  was organic bean sprouts grown in Germany.  Hmmm, I thought organic foods were supposed to be healthier?
I will hold a special place in my heart for the Mavericks victory over the Heat in this year’s NBA playoffs like I hold the D-backs over the Yankees in 2001, Saints over the Colts in 2010, and the Avalanche over the Devils in 2001.  I felt bad that I missed a lot of the 4th quarter last night, but it also looks like most of the Heat players did as well.
I sent a request to the state of Minnesota for Tim Pawlenty’s birth certificate as I am convinced the GOP Presidential candidate was actually made by Gippetto, which would make him Italian.
While former IMF chief and alleged sexual assault perpetrator Dominique Strauss Kahn awaits trial, his former employer is looking at his replacement, and the leading candidate is Frenchwoman Christine Lagarde, the current French Finance Minister.    Well that’s all well and good, except Ms. Lagarde is currently being investigated by the French judiciary in connection with a $410M payment to controversial businessman Bernard Tapie.  No formal charges have been filed against Lagarde, but it makes you wonder if the IMF would not be better served looking to Asia or Latin America for its next chief.
I love how the Turkish government was pretty passive towards Syrian President Bashar al-Assad as he murdered his own citizens in a continued brutal crackdown.  Then suddenly the crackdown spreads to the northern Syrian towns resulting in a tide of refugees seeking help over the border in Turkey.  Suddenly, the Erdogan government in Turkey ratchets up the rhetoric calling for al-Assad’s resignation.  Why?  Like a contagion, the Turkish government didn’t want the unrest to spread to its Kurdish minority.  Kind of reminds me of the pro-marijuana people who suddenly get nervous when the medical marijuana dispensary wants to open in their neighborhood. 
Ed Schultz is the progressive Rush Limbaugh.  A loud mouth bully who needs to STHU.
Thanks to Cathy D. for sending me the link to so I could play Paul Ryan (minus the ears and Eddie Munster doo) and balance the federal budget.  I came up with a 65%/35% split between spending cuts and tax increases and came up with $300Billion in deficit reductions.  Big hits were felt in Defense, non-Medicare Health, Medicare, Civilian Retirement, Aid to Low-Income Families, and Social Security.  Those that had their budgets maintained or increased included: education, transportation, children’s healthcare, and military servicemen medical benefits.  Tax increases will be felt across the board of individuals and many corporate loopholes will be closed.  Are these cuts staggering?  Hell yeah.  Would they solve our financial problems?  Tough to say, with these deep cuts a double dip recession could ensue which would further reduce revenues.  The point of my budget was to demonstrate that to be intellectually honest our politicians are going to have to piss EVERYBODY off.  Everybody, that is, except the bond traders who will see this as necessary to cure our long term financial sickness.    Sadly, if I went public with this plan, I don’t think my own mother would vote for me, Rachel Maddow would call me heartless, Britt Hume would call me a Socialist, and Rush Limbaugh would call me that job-killing schizophrenic.  Oh well, pass the oxycodone. 

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