Sunday, June 12, 2011

Surgeon General Warns Republicans Can Be Bad For Your Health

Monday night will be the 2nd Republican debate.  This one will happen at St. Anselms college in New Hampshire and will include Mitt “The Job Slayer” Romney, Tim “Tax Rates Less Than Zero” Pawlenty, Herman “And You May Ask Yourself, How Did I Get Here” Cain, Michelle “AAA TripTik” Bachmann, Rick “Counting On the Fetus Vote” Santorum, Newt “Oh What a Lonely Boy” Gingrich, Ron “CrackPots and PanDering” Paul”.   Quick prediction, all will slam Obama and Bachmann will be especially tough on The Affordable Care Act which will make Romney squirm.  Ronald Reagan will be mentioned no less than 20 times, and Ron Paul will hold onto the title of the King of Crazy Talk.
As for Pawlenty’s plan, it is best qualified to be served as toilet paper.  His tax cut proposal would cut taxes by an average of $490,000 per millionaire in 2013, while people earning $40k - $50k would get an average tax cut of about $700, or less than 2 percent of after-tax income.  The Tax Policy Center estimates that the proposal would cut revenues by $7.6 trillion over the next 10 years.  Add in additional interest on the debt and the total cost would be more like $9 or $10 trillion.  BRILLIANT.  Oh and his claim that this plan will create 5% growth makes the works of J.R.R. Tolkien look like nonfiction.  For the record, growth has averaged about 1.7% during the past decade and about 3.42% during the 1990s. 
A low cost and high return idea to decrease unemployment and reduce the deficit is the Obama proposed National Infrastructure Bank.  The NIB would replace all of the public funding of infrastructure (talk about socialism) with private sector participation.  Through the issue of bonds and low interest rate driven borrowing costs, we could borrow and reinvest in our infrastructure.  This NIB would also eliminate earmarks with a meritocratic cost/benefit analysis.  Sounds good?  Unfortunately, Republicans would rather win an election than put Americans back to work WHILE reducing the deficit.  Wake up America, the Republicans do NOT have your best interests at heart.  By the way, the best way to reduce deficits is to get people to work and collect income taxes and sales taxes.  Clearly the Republicans are against that.
Skeletor is back.  Ann Coulter has a new book out and even bigger Adams Apple.
The current Governor of Texas Rick Perry is considering a run for President.  For those of you unfamiliar with Perry, he is the choice of Conservatives who thought George W., Bush was too cerebral.
Journey-Foreigner-Night Ranger on tour.  Don’t Stop Believin’ you Hot Blooded Sister Christian.
Retiring Secretary of Defense Robert Gates was spot on when he slammed NATO and the governments of the member states for being ineffectual.  The fact that the U.S. had to rush precision guided munitions to the British and French to keep up the bombing on Libyan targets and that the Italians were only able to complete half its promised sorties.  So while everyone overtly slams U.S. involvement across the globe, they covertly beg and borrow our resources.  The solution: NATO is no longer a viable and functional entity and we should start bringing our troops home from international bases.  The days of Team America: World Police are long over.
How can Republicans actually say they are for jobs creation by offering manufacturing incentives AND still call themselves Milton Friedman loving Free Market Men and Women?  Easy, they are intellectually dishonest and emotionally bankrupt.

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