Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I think I prefer staph carrying bedbugs over Michelle Bachmann

Lot’s to get to, so let’s roll:
According to Forbes Magazine NASCAR driver Jimmie Johnson is the most influential athlete.  To make this even more bizarre is that Dale Earnhardt Jr. ranks 3rd and Jeff Gordon is 9th.  Now I am sure the poll followed valid statistical techniques, but I have to challenge these results based on the very description of the ranking:
Influential: You mean there are more kids out there wishing to be the next Jimmie Johnson more than the next Kobe Bryant, Tom Brady, or Albert Pujols? 
Athlete: So it’s official NASACR station wagon drivers are athletes?
Final comment: How influential can Earnhardt be if he hasn’t won a race since Friends was on TV.
Bristol Palin claims she did not have elective cosmetic surgery but had “corrective jaw surgery” for medical reasons to realign her jaw and teeth.  And I am sure that liposuction was a necessary medical procedure to prevent unnecessary bruising from arm fat flapping.
Here’s a good idea: American Airlines is experimenting with steaming movies to passengers’ laptops, handhelds, and tablets.  Better choice of films than what airlines typically offer, they can make a fortune, and they don’t need to mess with those nasty bulky video screens.
Crime doesn’t pay after all?  Hedge Fund manager Raj Rajaratnam was found guilty on all 14 charges against him: Nine counts of securities fraud and five counts of conspiracy to commit securities fraud. The Feds had called the insider trading case against Raj Rajaratnam the biggest ever involving a hedge fund. He faces up to 25 years in prison and sends a shockwave through the industry that past practices will not be tolerated.
I still wonder how Michelle Bachmann rationalizes her tea party stance that small government is best while preaching government enforced social conservative mandates such as abortion banning, cease condom distribution, and promote the defense of marriage.  Pheww, caught myself, I assumed Bachmann is rational. 
The Washington Wizards of the NBA will be going back to their uniform roots.  Originally the Washington Bullets, the team will go back to the red, white, and blue colors last used in 1998.  I am OK with the retro move, but I think the club needs more than a wardrobe change to return to its winning ways after a disastrous and pathetic 23-59 record in 2010-11.
Across the country school districts are removing flavored milk from their cafeterias due to the high sugar content.  A move praised by Chef Jaime Oliver.  I think that’s a great idea just keep your hands off my tots Napoleon.
Republican congressmen sent a letter to the head of Navy Chaplains reminding him that any plans for Navy Chaplains to marry gay servicemen would be unconstitutional as called out in the Defense of Marriage Act.  We have now entered the next phase: mash up of DOMA and DADT.  Is it possible that when DOMA is ruled unconstitutional we will be having gay active servicemen marrying?  Should we care and it is any different than heterosexual military couples getting married?
Texas dentist Clint Herzog serves beer and wine in the waiting room in order to keep his patients from getting too nervous during their visit.  I can see Mrs. Diggapedia showing two days before her scheduled appointment.
Welcome to the club Utah.  Utah’s House Bill, HB497, signed into law by Republican Gov. Gary Herbert in March was ruled unconstitutional by U.S. District Judge Clark Waddoups who issued a temporary injunction against the law. The Arizona-inspired law would require police to check the citizenship status of anyone arrested on suspicion of a felony or class-A misdemeanor, while giving officers’ discretion to check the citizenship of those stopped for traffic infractions and other lesser offenses.
Scientists in Canada have discovered in a Vancouver hospital bedbugs carrying a very resilient staph infection.  Bug carrying bedbugs are bugging me in the bed.  Seriously, do we now need penicillin-laced DDT?

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