Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Did Liz Cheney Waterboard Michelle Bachmann?

Did waterboarding contribute to the intelligence gathered leading to Bin Laden’s demise?  The right and waterboarding defenders (Father and Daughter Vader…errrr…. Cheney) would lead you to believe so.  If you listen to CIA Director Panetta, it sounds like the intelligence gathering took place in 2007, well after the Bush administration stopped waterboarding.  The neocons will claim the only way to get intel is to go all Jack Bauer on the incarcerated because that’s how they got Al Zarqawi, and I am sure our interrogators used stress positions and didn’t sit around playing Yahtzee with the Gitmo inmates.  That being said, the truth is the intel gathered to get Al Zarqawi was not obtained through torture or enhanced interrogation methods, it was gained by offering the source something in return.  If you don’t believe me, pick up How to Break a Terrorist by Matthew Alexander (pseudonym) the man who gathered the intel that led to the kill shot on Al Zarqawi.
Republicans, Conservatives, and the whole FAUX News crowd believe Bush deserves more credit than Obama for the Bin Laden take down.  Does that mean they believe he deserves more credit for the abysmal economy?  Yeah right.
Publish or not to publish the Bin Laden photos; damned if you do, damned if you don’t.  Conspiracy theorists like Alex Jones will claim that Bin Laden has been living in Napa Valley on the tax payer dime and the only reason we published this photo was to embarrass Pakistan.  Also, if you think 1 Billion Muslims go their panties in a bunch over a cartoon of Mohammed, what do you think would happen if the corpse photos were published? 
So Hamas and Fatah are reuniting?  I view that with as much eagerness as a new Pauly Shore movie, the next Hanson album, and another Bush presidency.  I believe the two Palestinian antagonists have to reunite if there is going to be a two state solution with East Jerusalem as the Palestinian capital.  Now if Hamas would disarm and recognize the state of Israel we may be on to something.  Meanwhile in reality…
Native Americans are pissed off that the operational code name for Bin Laden was Geronimo.  In related news, skydivers are now saying Bin laden when jumping out of planes.
Thank the lucky stars for the gift that keeps on giving.  Michelle Bachmann (R-MN), Tea Party Heroine on Heroin, claimed NATO airstrikes have killed between 10 and 30,0000 Libyans and it is Obama’s fault.   Her source, the Libyan ambassador, Gaddafi’s employee.  Yep, she is definitely a solid Republican presidential candidate.
Public Policy Polling, a North Carolina-based Democratic automated survey firm conducted a survey of 623 Arizona voters to see how they felt about Sarah Palin moving to Arizona:
               27% said they liked the move
               57% said they did not like the move
               16% said not sure

And her unfavorable score was a sky high 62%, only Donald Trump amongst potential GOP Presidential candidates scored worse.

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