Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Google, Gingrich, Greece, and the Governator

I know it is impossible across the globe to end all civil strife, famine, war, persecutions, etc.  But it still boggles and befuddles me that the world has sat by and watched the systematic murder of 5 million people in the Democratic Republic of Congo, not to mention rape, torture, and other violent crime.  5 million people or the combined populations of Houston and Chicago murdered. 
Former Pennsylvania Senator and current Republican Presidential candidate Rick Santorum is facing an uphill challenge to become President that has become even more difficult when one Googles Santorum.  Go ahead, check it out and see what shows up on the top of the list.
Meanwhile back in the Middle East, Syrian President Assad continues to oppress and kill his citizens and the rest of the world says please stop.  Yeah, the world is about as effective in stopping Assad as an English Bobby is in stopping a thief “Stop, or I will say stop again.”  Seriously, because the Syrian populace is made up of Christians, Druze, Sunnis, Shias, Baathists, Kurds, Alawites, etc.  the Arab League, Israel, Europe, and the US are unsure what will happen if Assad gets toppled.  Above all, Turkey is probably the most nervous because its Kurdish minority could erupt and lead to a political nightmare for Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyin Erdogan.  It’s the implosion nobody wants to touch.
I see The Terminator and Maria Shriver are splitting up.  Let me be the first to spread the rumor that the split is a result of Shriver discovering a sex tape featuring Arnold with Sarah Palin and Jan Brewer.  How’s that vomit taste?
Newt Gingrich will announce his 2012 Presidential candidacy on Wednesday.  There are great comebacks like Lance Armstrong, George Foreman, and Ben Hogan.  And there are also not-so-great comebacks like Mike Tyson, Jose Canseco, Mark Spitz, and Bjorn Borg.  Newt will be joining the latter.
Tim Pawlenty is the early winner of the 2012 election flip flopper award:  He was previously for cap and trade and against torture.  Iowa is up first and for neighboring Pawlenty (MN) he better finish in the top two, otherwise no point in going to New Hampshire where Romney and Paul will dominate.
Looks like Obama is finding his fighting spirit and putting the GOP on the defensive on Medicare and now immigration.  He is a great campaigner and I hope during his second term he gets serious about energy policy, immigration reform, entitlement reform, infrastructure investment, and debt reduction.  Yeah, I guess that’s a lot to ask for.
The clock is ticking on Spain’s sovereign debt.  Greece will need another bailout, Ireland is not quite out of the woods, Portugal has a long way to go, and Spain can’t cut its way to prosperity and all too heavily real estate dependent economy is stuck in the breakdown lane.  The European Bailout Fund will see you now Senor, and in the process look for further inflows into dollars and US debt.
I want to thank Jim Moats, the pastor at Christian Bible Fellowship Church in Newville, Pennsylvania for providing further evidence that all men of the cloth are just that: men.  This turd concocted a whole increasingly incredulous yarn about being a Navy SEAL that grew more dubious with each word.  Congratulations Pastor Moats you get this week’s Tommy Flanagan award.

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