Tuesday, May 31, 2011

But if feels like a Monday

Oh how I hate Ohio State.  OSU Head Football Coach Jim Tressel stepped down amid the burgeoning investigation into wrong doing at THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY.  The man in the sweater vest won 83 percent of his games in 10 seasons with Ohio State. He went 9-1 against Michigan, won seven Big Ten titles and a national championship.  He looked like a high school algebra teacher and ended up like so many others before him: wins and sins go hand in hand.  This further backs my opinion that the Buckeye Bastards should not have been allowed to dress the five suspended players in January’s Sugar Bowl; a game that OSU defeated Arkansas 31-26.  On a personal note, I find most OSU Alumni to be boorish blowhards, so yeah I revel in this news story.

NBA versus NHL.  The respective finals kick off this week, and while I am admittedly biased by the presence of the Boston Bruins in the Stanley Cup final, I have to say the NHL playoffs kick the NBA’s ass in terms of pace of play, excitement, pressure, adrenalin, etc.  And nothing beats sudden death in the playoffs.  So LeBron, D-Wade, Dirk, et al have fun, but this guy is all about the frozen pond.
Did any competitor have a worse Sunday than IndyCar rookie driver JR Hildebrand?  After 499.5 miles, the rookie tried to pass a lapped car in turn four and hit the wall on the final lap and ended up a disappointing 2nd.  Paging Mr. Hildebrand, there’s a Mr. McIlroy on line 2.
NHL announces the Atlanta Thrashers have been sold and will relocate to Winnipeg. 90% of Americans ask: (1) There was a hockey team in Atlanta? And (2) Where the hell is Winnipeg?
Raising Cain and a few eyebrows too.  Herman “Godfathers Pizza” Cain must have been channeling Michelle “Make it up on the fly” Bachmann when he made this quote “We don’t need to rewrite the Constitution of the United States, we need to reread the Constitution and enforce the Constitution. We don't need to rewrite, let's reread. And I know that there are some people that are not going to do that, so for the benefit of those that are not going to read it because they don’t want us to go by the Constitution, there’s a little section in there that talks about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.... When you get to the part about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, don't stop right there, keep reading. Because that’s when it says when any form of government becomes destructive of those ideals, it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it.”  The problem: life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is from the Declaration of Independence, not the Constitution.  Seriously, what is with the Republican Party?  Who will announce their candidacy next: Cliff Clavin?
Eric Cantor stating that before the US federal government offers disaster recovery assistance to the people of Missouri, the Congress must decide what will be cut from the budget to offset the emergency appropriation.   Really?  Ideological posturing over disaster relief.  Yep, there’s that a compassionate conservative.
Rick the secessionist Perry is now saying he is considering a Presidential run.  The Governor of Texas is realizing that he better do it now before the pending implosion of Texas’ finances becomes publicized.  The massive cuts to education prove once and for all that the key to Republican success is to dumb down the electorate.
Egyptian businessman, Mahmoud Abdel-Salam Omar, was awaiting arraignment on Tuesday evening on charges that he sexually abused a 44-year-old housekeeper who brought tissues to his room at his request. Once she was inside the room, Mr. Omar grabbed her breasts, kissed her and rubbed against her, the police said.  This alleged assault also took place at the Sofitel New York where former IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn is accused of sexually assaulting a housekeeper.  Let’s these foreign sexual predators try this shit on Hazel or Alice.

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