Saturday, May 7, 2011

Disappointed that reading Diggapedia didn't show up on Bin Laden's bucket list.

Have to admit that I don’t follow the Triple Crown like I used to, and I honestly know very little about the two favorites: Dialed In and Nehro.  But my heart is with Mucho Macho Man, who was thought to be still born but suddenly perked up and ran off, and his trainer Kathy Ritvo, Suffolk Downs trained and survivor of heart transplant surgery, and Pants On Fire due to its name association with the call-out for overly and outrageously falsehoods.
I hear amongst the cache of material retrieved by the Navy SEALS from Bin Laden’s lair was a bucket list that included:
·        Crank calling George W. Bush and ask him is his refrigerator is running.
·        Appearing on Dancing With The Stars
·        Getting a street named after him in Islamabad
·        Getting to hand pick the 72 virgins awaiting him in Paradise
·        Get a JK Rowling autographed copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.
·        Have Mel Gibson play him in his biography
·        Get a Snuggie for Ramadan
·        Get an endorsement from Just for Men
·        Get a Dr. Phil like show on Al Jazeera called Osama Says
·        Appear on Celebrity Apprentice
Donna Douglas, who starred as Elly May Clampett on the 1960’s show the Beverly Hillbillies is suing Mattel over its Elly May Barbie Doll, specifically for "engaging in the unauthorized use of (her) name, likeness, image and attributes".  No word if there will be a Jethro Ken Doll or if the Elly May doll will be packaged with a Ceeement Pond.  Sidebar: Elly  May, Jeanie, Ginger, or Mary Anne?
If Bush deserves so much credit for the recent killing of Bin Laden, then how can you explain the CIA’s decision in 2006 under Bush’s watch to dismantle Alec Station, the CIA desk that was charged with tracking and finding Bin Laden?  I think Bush summed it up best in March 2002, just 6 months after the 9/11 attacks "I truly am not that concerned about him (Bin Laden)."
The good times are back – for CEOs. A typical CEO at large U.S. corporation earned a $9 million last year.  Total compensation for CEOs of companies in the S&P 500 - including base salary, bonuses, stocks, options and other perks - was 24% higher than in 2009.  Looks like Wall Street and the Ivory Tower have recovered, come on Main Street why are you lagging behind?
I fully support the GOP Controlled House Strategy to create private sector jobs.  The Do-Nothing strategy is working great: for the past three months we have averaged over 250,000 private sector jobs, a rate not seen since 2006.  Keep up the good work Cantor, Boehner, Pence, Bachmann et al. 
Oil prices fell by 15% this week and gas prices fell one tenth of a penny.  I guess gravity doesn’t work with gas prices.  The good news, some analysts are saying that gas will be below $3.50 by summer.  Why did oil fall?  It fell with other commodities because investors realized that prices were no long sustainable and some started selling them short.   Yeah it’s supply and demand, but not the kind you think it is.

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