Saturday, April 21, 2012

View from an election campaign

“God willing, he will know how to use Christianity in the right way.”

“What do I think about the election?  So far I can only say I am confused.”

“People are willing to vote for him, not because they believe in him, or his ideas or his agendas, just because they are confused and they don’t want to waste their vote.”

“Nobody understands anything – that’s the slogan you hear.  Most of the conversations are filled with questions about basic facts.  And they end with ‘May God grant the presidency to whoever deserves it.’”

The above quotes could easily be from any individual from the U.S. electorate right?  Actually these quotes were taken from Egyptians discussing the coming presidential elections in that country (OK in the first one I substituted Christianity in place of Islam to make the point).  But you have to admit they could be the words of a Tea Partier, a moderate, an independent, and a social conservative. 

Oh, and one more thing Egyptian conservative candidate Mr. Abou Ismail was disqualified from the election race because it was discovered that his late mother held a U.S. passport.  Imagine that a presidential candidate disqualified because his mother held a U.S. passport.  It’s almost as crazy as lunatic opposition calling a presidential  candidate and future Commander-in-Chief un-American Kenyan anti-colonialist, Indonesian, Muslim socialist, because his was Kenyan and he spent some of his early years in Indonesia.  Naw, that could never happen in the U.S.A, the champions of Democracy?  The difference is that the Egyptians disqualified candidates on predetermined grounds, we just make shit up here.

Good to see that Egypt in just one year of the post-Mubarak era has already caught up to our 220+ years of politics and dirty elections. 

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