Monday, April 30, 2012

Monday Mishegas April 30, 2012

Two girls were hit by an SUV as they fell asleep sunbathing on a rural Pennsylvania Rd.  Fire for effect:

·         I guess roadblocks are more effective than sunblock when street tanning

·         I have heard of the dangers of UVA and UVB, but never SUV.

·         Pennsylvania, proving it just may not be smarter than a 5th grader.

·         Did their guidance counselor tell them they wouldn’t mount to anything better than a speed bump?

Soybean prices are climbing rapidly due to increased demand and poor yields in South America.  The high price may cause food shortages in the developing world like 2008.  I can hear Sarah Palin already “The President’s failed agricultural policies have led us to near disaster in the farmland.  Sow baby sow, sow baby sow.”

Kurt Mix, a 50 year old BP engineer was the 1st person arrested in connection with the infamous gulf spill.  Mix is charged with two counts of obstruction of justice for deleting emails.  Two years later and a low level engineer is the first and only arrest?  Shameful.  How about the execs who made safety secondary to profits?

Apparently it never occurred to the geniuses who crafted the various ‘Stand Your Ground’ Laws that criminals could use the law as justification for deliberate homicide.  Tennessee Judge Terry Lewis “The law would appear to allow a person to seek out an individual, provoke him into a confrontation, then shoot and kill him if he goes for his gun.”  Lewis knows, because he had to releases two defendants who did just that.

Nightmare scenario, the Romney cabinet:

·         SecState: John Bolton

·         SecTreasury: Lloyd Blankfein

·         SecInterior: Aubrey McClendon

·         SecDefense: Fred Kagan

·         Vice President: Chris Christie

·         National Security Advisor: Cofer Black

Mitt ‘The Etch-A-Sketch’ Romney got me thinking about childhood games:

·         Monopoly: Or what Mitt calls a day at the office

·         Risk: How Romney see’s the world.  That existential threat from Kamchatka.

·         Operation: Sorry no taking out wrenched ankle for you, it’s a pre-existing condition

·         Car Bingo: Dog-On-Roof

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