Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Shit if I Know

Checking in from 38,000 feet after a quick business trip that will no doubt end up with more to do on my plate.  Is doing the right thing for your employer necessarily in your best interests?  Shit if I know.

I see Facebook paid $1Billion, yes Billion, for Instagram.  I have no clue regarding Instagram’s product or service.  I do know the company has 11 employees.  Yes 11 EMPLOYEES and the company sold for $1Billion.  Plenty of people will opine on whether Facebook paid too much.  Shit if I know.

Sociologists and anthropologists believe there is a distinct difference between liberals and conservatives that has nothing to do with politics.  The prevailing theory is that liberals tend to empathize with others and feel it is society’s duty to help the downtrodden while conservatives feel individual liberty comes from pulling yourself up from your own bootstraps.  Is that a genetic or environmental force?  Shit if I know.

Revisionist historian David Barton goes out of his way to try to prove that America is a Christian Nation and his followers are as fanatical in their beliefs as Islamist, Zionists, and most other extremists.   The Constitution is a beautiful secular document.  Why do these revivalists insist on calling America a Christian Nation to the point of making it the most important thing in their lives?  Shit if I know.

Left, center, and right all declare their love, admiration, and respect for the 1st Amendment.  Yet as soon as someone says something we disagree with, we call for public apologies, boycotts and terminations.  1st Amendment protection means the government cannot prevent you from speaking or writing what is on your mind (there are limits like the crying fire in a crowded theater), it doesn’t prevent your employer from firing or suspending your ass.  Why do those that go as far as to carry their pocket editions of the Constitution around with them lambaste the ACLU?  Shit If I know.

Genetically modified crops, high fructose corn syrup, super pesticides, beef and cattle hormones, performance enhancing drugs for poultry.  When did kitchen table fare become a the testing ground for laboratories and when is someone going to come clean about the crap in our food and the link to obesity, autism, and other conditions?  Shit if I know.

Not a single news program or energy analyst has mentioned that the high cost of gasoline may be due to the fact that refining capacity in the U.S. is declining in the east coast as foreign sources of crude oil get redirected to the world’s newest and largest refineries in India and China.  There are hundreds more programming hours of news every week compared to 30 years ago but why do we seem to get less information now more than ever?  Shit if I know.

Religious leaders are renowned for telling their followers to have faith in the almighty or whatever deity they profess as their creator.  This faith is based on the words of men, fallible men.  These same men will deny the legitimacy of scientific theories related to evolution, age of the universe, and climate change.  Why are so many people willing to accept the ‘cuz I told you so’ line in lieu of free thinking analysis?  Shit if I know.

Why do I believe in the goodness of man, the power of freethinking, a better tomorrow, the beauty of debate, the worth of wisdom?  You know the answer.

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