Saturday, August 27, 2011

Twenty Questions for a Saturday Night

1.       Can you be a Christian and for capital punishment?
2.       Is a person that is pro-life and pro-death penalty inconsistent?
3.       Was Jesus a socialist?
4.       Why do people in the South call themselves Patriots but they were the last to join the revolution, many sided with the British, they seceded from the USA, and they still love to fly the Stars and Bars?
5.       Do European leaders really think they can save the Euro and the EU?
6.       Can Hollywood make a movie that isn’t a sequel, a comic book adaption, or a remake?
7.       Does anyone in America have a tougher job than new Apple CEO Tim Cook?
8.       Will the broadcast networks ever air a show that isn’t a safe sitcom, a serial drama, or a cop show?
9.       Do Meteorologists have to read off the temperatures in every town and city within broadcast range?
10.   Did the Bay Area Rapid Transit’s (BART’s) anti protest maneuver of cutting off cell communications strike you as something a dictator would due to quell free speech?
11.   If the Republican pundits truly believe the 2012 GOP field is strong, then why is George Pataki entering and calls for Christie and Ryan continue?
12.   Has the Electoral College outlived its purpose?
13.   Does Glenn Beck think the people of Israel like him?
14.   Will anyone condemn Turkey for bombing Kurdish civilians in Iraq?
15.   How worthless is the U.N. Security Council?  Russia won’t even agree to sanctions against Syria?
16.   Does anyone else remember something about politicians agreeing to curb the nasty rhetoric after the Giffords’ shooting in January?
17.   Does anyone recall Laura Bush being subjected to as many personal attacks as Michelle Obama?
18.   Has President Obama silenced his critics by showing that he can lead the country while on vacation?
19.   WWLT.  What would Lincoln think if he could witness what the Republican Party has turned into? 
20.   Do you think Dick Cheney believes he is without error or sin while others are mistake prone and often wrong?

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  1. Great blog! Have you ever asked republicans these questions?? Their collective heads may very well explode.