Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Further Crap From the Right

Still on Libya.  In a statement issued late Sunday, Republican Sens. John McCain of Arizona and Lindsey Graham of South Carolina said they regretted that "this success was so long in coming due to the failure of the United States to employ the full weight of our airpower.  Ultimately, our intervention in Libya will be judged a success or failure based not on the collapse of the Qaddafi regime, but on the political order that emerges in its place," the two senators said.   How about simply stating “We are happy to see this successful six month operation coming to an end  as per the U.N. Mission Charter our coalition of NATO and Arab League nations was able to prevent a humanitarian slaughter AND dethrone one of the world’s most heinous and destructive dictators.  Success is also measured by minimal collateral damage and that President Obama has demonstrated that diplomacy and firepower can be used by the U.S. to achieve mission objectives.”
Yeah, what was I thinking?  That will happen when Republicans introduce a jobs bill.

This brings us to Captain Kangaroo himself Bush Neocon John Bolton.  “Not only is the president unable to conceal his general disinterest in national security policy, but neither could he be bothered to exercise political leadership within his own party at a critical moment.”  Are you freaking kidding me?  The same President who took out Somali pirates, caught and killed Bin Laden, organized a relatively peaceful withdrawal from Iraq, negotiated a new START Treaty with the Russians, and has done more to neutralize Al Qaeda in two years than Bush did in eight.  Hey Captain, I am not saying you should say thanks, I’m just saying shut the hell up.
In Tea Party news, the Chair of the Sumter South Carolina Tea Party posted -- and then quickly pulled -- a post on her Facebook page earlier this month that joked about throwing the Obamas out of a helicopter.  Shery Lanford Smith posted the joke on her Facebook page on August 11th.  Gotta love those Fort Sumter Patriots, nothing has changed there over the last 150 years. You secede from the Union and make jokes about killing the President, and you call yourselves Patriots.  I think I will stick with Inbred Ignorant Red Necks with mullets.
America’s favorite Governor once again showed her intelligence and leadership.  Arizona Republican Governor Jan Brewer went on another rant about the President’s immigration policy because now it is affecting her ability to complete her book “Scorpions For Breakfast: My Fight Against Special Interests, Liberal Media, and Cynical Politicos to Secure the Border.’’  Brewer said she knows there are some 11 million illegal immigrants in this country, including 400,000 or more in Arizona alone.  She then admitted she does not have an answer for exactly how to deal with that.   If you do not know how to solve the immigration problem, my guess it must be a short story.
Glenn Beck, like so many other fundamentalists has taken his road show to Israel.  This week he will be making several appearances, to mostly American audiences, preaching about the Biblical prophecies and the need for a strong Israel.  It’s funny but I always thought that a pro-Israel anti-Semite would be a contradiction.  No sir; this Charlatan is a new age/new world wonder, a Mormon Evangelical.  Mormongelical or Evangelormon?  Yep, Mormongelical it is.

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