Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Time to hit the pressure relief valve

1)      Liberals need to stop equating union workers with the working class.  Just because someone may be against organized labor doesn’t mean they are out to eradicate the middle class, it may simply mean that they feel unions are corrupt, inefficient, unnecessary, or politically unappealing.
2)      Americans need to realize that ending all foreign financial and military aid, evicting undocumented workers, and cutting Congressional pay will do next to nothing in fix our fiscal imbalances.
3)      Liberals need to stop whining about the likes of Bachmann, Limbaugh, McConnell, and others who have called for limiting Obama to a single term.  It’s just political talk and isn’t a sign of anything more nefarious.
4)      That being said, there are elements on the right who will never acknowledge Obama as their legally elected President, just as many on the left refused to acknowledge Bush in 2000, and if that isn’t unpatriotic then put me in a dress, give me a sowing kit, and call me Betsy Ross.
5)      Liberals need to quit calling for a jobs program and while they’re at it, quit bitching that corporations are making historical profits and not hiring.  Businesses are not in business to hire employees.
6)      Social Conservatives or SoCons need to wake up and realize that America has socially moved to the left and that homosexuality is in one’s DNA, gay marriage will be the law of the land, Defense of Marriage Act is about to go the way of DADT, and that science is irrefutable.
7)      Americans who declare that we need to have a businessman running the country need an education on business.  Businesses exist to make money and provide a return on investment to their investors.  Besides do we really want the nation lead by someone who is measured on instant gratification?  It’s bad enough they have to prove themselves every four years, imagine if they had to do so every quarter?
8)      When are talk shows going to have hosts that can challenge their guests’ baseless claims and nonsensical talking points?
9)      For the record, China owns less than 10% of our debt.  So the next time a commentator, pundit, politician, talking head, anchor, and knucklehead on the street says otherwise I will be there to remind them of the facts.
10)   I look forward to the November 23rd results of the Super Committee’s fiscal recommendations.  That is sarcasm.

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