Monday, August 22, 2011

Back From Vacation Back to Reality

Are we really so broken we cannot fix our fiscal house?  Has ideology trumped common sense?  Has patriotism, the love of or devotion to one’s country, been corrupted by blind faith?  Has critical thinking been replaced with pledges?  When did compromise become an abhorrent trait, the anathema of politics?  A sad sad day in America.
The Middle East and North Africa, short of all-out war, are quickly descending into chaos.  Things will get decidedly worse before they get better.  Wherein the U.S. elections tend to end debate and settle uncertainty, the aforementioned seem to go from dictatorship to revolution to election to anarchy to oligarchy to dictatorship.  Democracy without rules is corruption; life without personal and property rights is not freedom.  So the next time Ron Paul bitches about a lack of freedom in the U.S. he should thank his lucky stars that we had great men who understood the nation’s survival, its very existence, must be placed above personal glory or importance.
Pundits cannot predict politics or international events.  George Will was trumpeting the nomination of Tim Pawlenty right up to T-Paw’s withdrawal from the race and months ago we heard that without U.S. airpower, Gadhafi would never be removed from power.  What does it mean?  Simply, those that cash checks for their opinion are all overpaid.
Is Arizona a state or a collection of civilians stuck in a carnival fun house?  A sheriff who will investigate the President’s birth certificate because the never say die Arizona birthers are in denial when even Trump called it quits.  Then there’s another sheriff whose department loses hundreds of DNA test kits and evidence.  And now we have a mayoral race that includes claims of illegitimate children.  When did we become Tunisia?
Does John McCain actually do anything besides appearing on Sunday Morning Talk Shows?  I think he has been on Face the Nation more than Bob Schieffer.  What’s worse was his comment’s last weekend: “This conflict didn’t have to last this long.  U.S. airpower could have shortened this conflict dramatically.”  How do you shorten a successful six month operation dramatically that included ZERO U.S. casualties?  Between him and Lindsay Graham, could the GOP be any worse off with Palin and Angle?
While some on the left, Eric Boehlert, were quick to mock GOP hopeful Jon Huntsman’s performance in Iowa and his subsequent appearance on This Week, I remind those on the left that the douche gene has no ideology.    You don’t like what he has to say, change the station or just cry in your pillow that Obama isn’t living up to your Liberal fantasy.  Huntsman’s right of center policies may not represent the 2012 Republican Party, but his policies are more in line with America.  God forbid we drown out the moderate voice irrespective of party affiliation.   
Where do you send deposed Muslim leaders such as Ben-Ali, Mubarak, Saleh, Gadhafi, Al-Assad?   I a think a special Survivor Despot from Bangladesh or some other shit hole would be appropriate.
Who says you cannot get good political lessons from fiction?  Lord Commander Jon Snow “a fair deal is one that leaves both parties unhappy.”  Not bad for a bastard.

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