Saturday, August 13, 2011

RP McMurphy for President and Chief for VP

Some thoughts about Iowa and politics:

1)      Never has one state done so little to be so important in the election of our nation’s leader.
2)      Which brings me to the unbalanced process in electing our leaders and representation.  Should Iowa or North Dakota have equal representation as say Texas, California, or New York? And while we are it, why not an open election?  If every vote is to truly count, then where is the general popular election?  A republican voter in New York feels his presidential vote is as meaningless as a Democrat’s in Texas.  Besides, I grow weary of the swing state phenomenon.  I can already tell you that the citizens of Ohio, Indiana, Virginia, Florida, Colorado, and North Carolina will be inundated with countless political ads.
3)      When can we get citizen selected redistricting commissions like California?  If you allow the elected officials to redraw the districts we have gone from citizens choosing our representatives to representatives choosing their citizens.
4)      Sarah Palin reminds me of that guy who used to wear the rainbow wig while holding the biblical placard and seemed to show up at every major sporting event AND get himself on TV.  Or perhaps she is more like Morganna the kissing bandit?
5)      I wonder what Ottumwa, Iowa’s own Walter ‘Radar’ O’Reilly would think of the circus that has descended on the Hawkeye State?  In related news, Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell reminds me of Major Frank Burns (eats worms).
6)      I mock the Iowa “People’s Choice” Straw Poll because citizens have to pay $30 to vote and politicians have been known to bus in supporters to prop up their numbers.  I think the MLB All Star Game and So You Think You Can Dance voting methods are no less nefarious or suspect.
7)      In 2008, state party officials were battling their respective national committees to move to earlier spot on the primary/caucus calendar so that they could feel  that they had an impact in the nominating process since the nomination can be secured so much sooner due to the advent of Super Tuesdays.  In 2012, the opposite is happening, due to the Great Bush Recession many states are in dire fiscal conditions and are seeking to put off their primaries as along as possible.
8)      At the Iowa State Fair you can pretty much get anything deep fried.  I don’t think we need healthcare reform, we need wellness reform.
9)      Food prices are going up due to the Department of Agriculture’s report that the drought in the heartland has reduced our farm output.  Not to worry, I am sure those farm subsidies won’t be impacted.
10)   Michelle Bachmann said she predicted the S&P downgrade, blamed Obama, and voted to not raise the debt ceiling.  That’s not even a self-fulfilling prophecy that’s pure gibberish.  With Rick Perry coming onboard I would love to see a sort of March madness debate format where there would be one on  one debates for one hour and the winner advances.  Winners would be chosen by Nurse Ratched’s patients since each candidate is crazier than the next.  To help fill in the field we could include Trump, Palin, Steve King (Iowa), Malkin, and Liz Cheney.  “I want my cigarettes Nurse Ratched”.

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