Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thursday Quick Hits

Congress’ approval rating has sunk to an all-time low of 12%.  It is safe to say that Hurricane Irene is more popular than John Boehner. 
Shocking development in Major League Baseball: It’s the Yankees and Red Sox battling it out for the AL East.
Did you know at this time in the election cycle four years ago that Hillary Clinton led Barack Obama by 20 points and Rudy Giuliani was the Republican front runner?  Moral of the story: polls at this stage mean less than a politician’s promise.
Granted it has been only two preseason games, but Patriot fans have to be excited about what they see.  Brady and the high powered offense now coupled with an aggressive 4-3 Defense.  Yep, lots to like.
Channel surfed and came across the first episode of Deadwood.  Lost count of the f bombs, c—k suckers, and g-d damns after just 15 minutes.  Though, Ian McShane was tremendous.
82% of America’s high schools are failing the No Child Left Behind math and reading minimum standards with the 2014 deadline looming.  Now I believe standardized tests are not the best way to create a learning culture in this country, the sad state of education needs a complete overhaul. 
Expect to see Obama’s big jobs speech to reiterate the need for an infrastructure bank, extending payroll tax cuts, incentives to businesses to hire workers, and mortgage relief for homeowners.  Republicans will call it wasteful and Keynesian and will block it as best they can.
Do you think Ronald Reagan would even have 5% backing in a Gallup Poll of GOP contender?  Immigration amnesty, deficit spending, dealing with Iran, etc., they would eat him up.
If Hurricane Irene hits the Jersey Shore is it wrong to wish for it to take Snookie out to sea?
Does anyone else get nervous that the future of Europe is in the hands of the Germans?  I’ve seen this movie before and frankly, I didn’t care for it then or now.
Silliest news flash ever: “Hamas agrees to cease fire”

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