Monday, March 14, 2011

Why are Conservatives so tough to like? Let me count the reasons.

Allen West, freshman Republican congressman from Florida was on Fixed News this weekend going on about how we should be using the brand new state of the art courtroom in Guantanamo Bay to hold military tribunals, not only for those currently imprisoned on the island but also for the recently captured 13 Somali and 1 Yemeni pirates who took part in the murder of four Americans on February 22nd.    The 14 pirates were recently indicted in Norfolk, Virginia by a federal grand jury on piracy charges.  West, a decorated veteran, referred to the pirates as ‘Islamic Pirates’ and they shouldn’t have been sent to Norfolk, but to Guantanamo Bay because they are enemy combatants.  Clearly West believes this pirate attack, is different than the hundreds of other attacks in the Indian Ocean, because these are really part of the war on terror.  Colonel, you are better than that, or maybe I am wrong and you are just another Conservajerk.  Though, if I do accept West’s logic, does that mean that the war against in the Barbary Pirates of North Africa (…to the shores of Tripoli) in 1801 was actually the beginning of the War on Terror? How old is Dick Cheney anyway?
A lot has been said about the burden of unfunded state public pensions and the anchor they will have on state finances if governors aren’t allowed to take actions.  What no one is talking about is the increasingly precarious state private pensions now find themselves.  The little-known federal Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp. insures roughly 27,500 corporate defined-benefit pensions, covering 44 million U.S. workers, and according to the Government Accountability Office (GAO) both the Single-employer and multi-employer plans are in danger of failure.  President Obama wants to grant the PBGC the power to increase premiums on the riskiest companies in the respective plans (currently Congress has to do this on behalf of the PBGC).    Of course the Chamber of Commerce, the Republican Party’s Personal PR firm, is against the President’s plan because government shouldn’t be deciding the relative default risks of firms under PBGC oversight.  But isn’t that exactly what FDIC does for banks and thrifts under its jurisdiction.  Or perhaps the Chamber just figures Government and the U.S. taxpayer will bail out these firms too?
Did you know the US government spends $20Million on unemployment benefits for people making over $1million/yr?  But let's be sure to go after Big Bird and Planned Parenthood.
Joe Barton (R-TX), the BP apologist is still defending the $47Billion in subsidies the oil industry gets from the federal government.  I am almost speechless, all I can say is you suck Barton.
Batshit Bachmann has been on the talking circuit with her cue cards and clipboards going on about how the Affordable Care Act included $105Billion of ‘hidden’ appropriations and the law must be defunded.  The best response came from Alec Vachon, a former Republican congressional staffer and healthcare consultant: "It's a bill -- the text is public. Is Congresswoman Bachmann saying there are no House Republicans, members or staff, who can read a bill?"  Perfect.

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