Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Nukes, Coke, and Neocons

Thanks to The Economist and the World Nuclear Association for publishing this table that represents the comparative amounts of nuclear-electricity producers and the % of domestic electricity coming from nuclear power.  Clearly the U.S. is the world's leader in nuclear powered electricity with 20% of the electricity coming from this source (Coal is king, followed by natural gas).  With our nuclear facilities aging, we need to continue to invest in modern technology, improve safety and efficiency, and limit our consumption of finite fossil fuels.

Have you noticed how orderly and composed the Japanese people have been during the last 4-5 days of tragedy?  No riots, no looting, no police beatings.  Instead people waiting patiently in line for hours for food and water, people volunteering to cut power consumption to avoid blackouts, people giving up what little they have to others in greater need, and people not looking to assign blame.  Now I realize that I have not seen 100% of every piece of footage and I am sure there have been some unpleasant occurrences, but I believe the Japanese people possess a level or discipline and order not readily seen in other cultures.
Cocaine was found at the Kennedy Space Center.  Hit it Doc:
a)      Perhaps now we know what happened to Major Tom?
b)      The Byrds sang about 8 miles high and falling fast
c)      Never knew cocaine was used for zero gravity simulation
d)      NASA gets the fun white powder while Congress gets Anthrax
e)      I didn’t know NASA was part of the Minerals Management Service
f)       Rocket Man burning out his fuse up here alone
g)      Houston…snifffffff….we have a problem
I see Lynn Cheney, Dan Senor, Bill Kristol, and other chicken hawks have sent a letter to President Obama urging us to establish a no-fly zone and begin bombing targets in Libya.   You may hate the UN and the Security Council, but going it alone has proven to be a disaster for this country.  Even with France and England on board, there is no support from Germany, China, or Russia.  But what is most disturbing is the messed up concept that a no-fly zone is an aseptic alternative to war.  It’s not.

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