Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunday Talk Show Recap: March 6th

Michelle Bachmann is claiming the $105Billion allocated to the Healthcare Reform Act was a cheap trick by Pelosi and other Democrats last year, though she doesn’t offer any explanation why no one in her caucus discovered it until now.  In the future before you rail against a bill, you may want to actually read the frigging thing.  On the other hand, Bachmann is trying to kill the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau before it gets off the ground.  The CFPB’s primary goal is to establish fairness in the credit card industry including preventing predatory penalties buried in the fine print of credit card agreements.  Hmmm, Bachmann the Loon blames others when she doesn’t read the bill and she blames consumers when they fail to understand what is in an agreement.
Michelle Bachmann is a dangerous woman and she is “against further penetration.”  Her words.
I had to send an email to Meet The Press asking for David Gregory’s removal as MTP moderator.  He got schooled by Bachmann.
John McCain actually said iPads and iPhones are made in the USA.  This guy needs to permanently retire to Sedona where he can listen to the Jack Benny show on his Sanyo transistor radio while wondering why the Dodgers aren't in Brooklyn any longer.
McCain then threw his own presidential economic advisor Mark Zandi under bus after Zandi claimed $61Billion in GOP budget cuts will lead to a loss of 700,000 jobs; an analysis that is seconded by many other economists.  Gotta give it up to the GOP, their draconian budget cuts will lead to job losses which will keep unemployment high while they go after many of the Democrat’s pet projects and programs such as Planned Parenthood, PBS, NPR, and Education.  A win-win for the GOP.
McCain calls for no-fly zone over Libya.  Shouldn’t we be asking the Arab League to handle its own internal issues?   Because you were a mediocre pilot, it doesn’t mean you know anything about military strategy.   He then says we shouldn’t interfere and dictate in Egypt and Tunisia?  So arming Libyan rebels isn’t interfering?  John Kerry wants to develop a plan for a no-fly zone but not implement it.  Is he already planning to be for something before being against it?  Give it a rest.
There was a great deal of discussion regarding American competitiveness.  The problem isn’t about US losing the edge in development.  It’s once it’s developed we are no longer competitive in the manufacturing.  Let China makes socks, but why are we losing solar panel manufacturing?
Why was This Week with Christiane Amanpour so good today?  No George Will.  Where there’s a Will, there is paint drying.
Mort Zuckerman hit it right on the head when he said we need to simplify our corporate tax code and eliminate the credits and loopholes.
White House Chief of Staff Bill Daley says option to tap our strategic oil reserves is on the table to battle increased oil prices.  Bad idea.  Their called strategic for a reason.  Tom Friedman on Face the Nation once again calling for a comprehensive energy policy and if you think gas prices are high now, wait until public unrest spreads to Saudi Arabia.

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