Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Republicant's: The gift that keeps on giving

Ohio State Senator Tom Niehaus accused protesters of defecating in the statehouse.  Of course his accusation proved to be baseless and you know the drill:  He who screams shit in a statehouse is a shithead.
A 4.7 magnitude earthquake hit Greenbrier, Arkansas Sunday night, the biggest in 35 years.  Suddenly Arkansas is ground zero for seismic activity as there have been over 800 recorded earthquakes since September.  Still think injection wells for hydraulic fracking fluids are safe?
The girls of Sex and the City 2 are off the hook as the Franco/Hathaway Oscar hosting experiment proved to be the biggest bomb of the 2010 movie season.  I am starting my campaign for Craig Ferguson, he’s from Great Britain and they always win anyway, to host and my second choice is Watson, the computer Jeopardy champ.  That pile of silicon has more life than James Franco.
Dancing with the Stars announced its Season 12 cast.  Bad news: no Christine O’Donnell.  Worse news: Mrs. Diggapedia will still watch it.  A waste of good DVR memory.  That’ll cost me.
 In a radio interview, hopeful GOP presidential candidate Mike Huckabee said Barack Obama grew up in Kenya with his father and grandfather. A spokesman for the former Arkansas governor says he made a simple mistake.  At what point does this jerk quit making ‘simple mistakes’ and admit his every move is to delegitimize the President?
Mr. President, now that you have a two week extension on the budget discussion, grow a pair and tell the GOP that some of their prized positions are also coming out of the budget like farm subsidies, gas and oil exploration subsidies, free deep water oil exploration leases for Chevron, and defense spending.  My guess you will get plenty of liberal and tea party supporters.
John Boehner was sworn in 55 days ago as Speaker of the House and I am still waiting to hear about his jobs program?  All we have instead is symbolic vote on the repeal of the Affordable Care Act, an attack on pro-choice, a big pork bill for his district and now a budget plan that will put 700,000 people out of work and cost us 1% in GDP growth.  Brilliant.  As long as your cronies get their tax breaks and subsidies….
So two months into our Bush tax extensions and payroll tax holiday and you know what?  People’s paychecks are bigger than a year ago.  You know what else? It has had zero impact on spending and consumption.  You know why?  Rich people don’t spend anymore if their tax rate is 35% or 39.6%.  You know what else?  Middle class Americans are still repairing their personal balance sheets and worried about their mortgages as house prices continue to tumble. 
Post-It note to 3M CEO George Buckley: scotch tape your mouth shut.  The Obama administration is anti-business and there are billions of dollars sitting on the sidelines to be invested?  Save it.  Your effective tax rate is competitive in the industrial world and that money sitting on the sidelines is being used for treasury stock buys and acquisitions.   Let’s see 3M is in Minnesota and Tim Pawlenty is from Minnesota, hmmm, perhaps Buckley is positioning himself for a sweet deal from the GOP Presidential candidate?

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