Thursday, July 28, 2011

Robert Kraft should be Speaker

For whom the bell tolls.  Looks like Tiger Woods has a new caddie, long time high school friend Bryon Bell will carry Woods’ woods next week at the Bridgestone Invitational.  Bell has caddied for Woods three times in the past resulting in a win and two seconds.  Bell presently serves as President of Tiger Woods Design; whatever the heck that is.
Not so Happy Meals.  Umpire Jerry Meals’ call during the 19th inning of Tuesday night’s Pirates-Braves game may have been the worse call of all time.  While that call was terrible, the cries for instant replay for plays at bases are premature and represent a kneejerk reaction. 
Pats picked up Albert Haynesworth and Chad Ochocinco on the cheap today.  While many scratched their heads about adding these ‘troubled’ players, if anyone can get these guys in line and on board it’s Kraft, Brady, and Belichick. 
How great is the Boston sports scene?  Bruins win the Stanley Cup, Sox are in first, and days after the lock out ends, the Pats are making major player personnel moves.  Suck it Buffalo.
What’s more embarrassing crying at your swearing in as Speaker of the House or being unable to control your caucus to get a debt deal approved?  I wonder what tonight’s Tea Party movie will be: Dazed and Confused.  Oh well, I am sure the Evangelical Social Conservative Tea Party members will get their guidance from prayer.
The House did get around to voting on a bill naming some US Post Offices.  Yes, that’s true.  While Congress remains gridlocked on the debt ceiling issue, they had time to deal with Post Offices. 
Producers from AMC’s The Killing announced they will reveal who killed Rosie Larsen during season two.  Really?  Well that’s a relief considering the tag line for the show is “Who killed Rosie Larsen?”
It’s tough watching the demise of once entertaining Weeds and Entourage.  Unwatchable.
There is a special corner in hell waiting for John Allen, Samantha Allen, Cynthia Stoltzman and Judith Deal.  The four adults were arrested in the murder of 10 year old Ame Deal who died after being locked in a storage container for taking a Popsicle.

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