Friday, July 8, 2011

Half off Happy Hour Appetizers

Rupert Murdoch’s vile tabloid News of the World will end its 168 year run in Sunday as a result of a heinous phone hacking scandal involving the Royal Family, a murdered 13 year old girl who had been missing, war widows, and terror victims.  4,000 instances of phone hacking have been reported by Scotland Yard.  The paper that once employed Sir Winston Churchill will come to an end and before it’s over it may cause significant harm to the government of Prime Minister David Cameron as a former aide has been arrested as part of the tabloid’s criminal acts. 
Hey Anita Bryant, same sex marriage is now legal in New York.  Love, enlightened society.
Honestly, I do not know why anyone would want to be President.  Our economy is stuck in the mud, revolutions and uprisings in Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Syria, and Yemen, Eurozone nations going insolvent, Pakistan imploding, 10 year wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, nuclear aspiring Iran, and simmering territorial battle in the South China Sea.   
I think I would rather elect a Mormon Scientologist who performs animal sacrifices than an Evangelical.  If God tells you to become a lawyer (Bachmann) or run for President (Bush), it may be time to ask Nurse Ratched to up your meds.
JP Morgan agreed to a $228Million settlement as a result of a Department of Justice (DoJ) investigation into price rigging of fees it charged municipalities for bond issuance.  This follows earlier fines levied against Bank of America and UBS.  The Morgan fine comes weeks after settling a $154Million fine for mortgage security fraud, which came weeks after British regulators fined the bank $69Million for failing to protect its clients’ investments.  Now I ask you, are these good upstanding corporate citizens?  Is this an industry that doesn’t need regulating?

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