Friday, July 15, 2011

News Corporation and The Tea Party: Don't let the door hit you on the ass...

I am the first to eliminate voter fraud and I believe that you must have government provided identification in order to vote.  But this latest bull crap from Republican controlled legislatures and governorships in Florida, Maine, and elsewhere is a chad too far.  Claiming to be trying to stamp out voter fraud, these Republicans are pushing legislation that is excessive.  Take Florida, where bill HB 1355, reduced the length of the sunshine state's early voting period and stopped voters from being able to change their address at the polls.  From personal experience I can tell you that polling stations face significant numbers of address and registration issues.  Heck, we’ve been living in the same house for 10 years and have resided in two towns with three different zip codes.  I gave up voting at the polling station when I was told I my ballot would be deemed provisional.  The law forces third-party voter registration groups to turn in voter registration cards within 48 hours of them being filled out or face a stiff fine.   This law is forcing the League of Women Voters to drop its voter registration campaign.  Hell, we’re not talking about the new Black Panthers or Acorn, it’d the freaking League of Women Voters.  This has nothing to do with voter fraud.  This is all about denying minorities their voting rights.
This classless class of Republicans in Congress should be ashamed of themselves and hopefully citizens will realize that pitchfork promises and rally time rhetoric don’t lead to proper governing.  These illogical ideological infants were best described by a veteran political analyst “Sixty to 100 of the Republicans he (Boehner) leads are damn near nuts.”  They are willing to walk away from $3trillion in cuts over 10 years because they aren’t willing to consider tax reform that could generate $1Trillion in revenues.  If there is not logical reason to oppose an argument, then you must be friggin crazy.
Meanwhile from the campaign trail:
-          Newt Gingrich’s campaign is in debt to the tune of $1million where half that amount is owed to a private jet leasing firm.  If Gingrich is the intellectual in the GOP field, what the hell does that say about the rest of the field?  By the way, do campaigns have debt ceilings?
-          Rick Santorum raised ~$1million personally and through his PAC for his reelection campaign.  Meanwhile Romney raised $20million.  When does Santorum try the bake sale and lemonade stand strategy to close the gap.
-          Michelle and Marcus Bachmann are realizing what it’s like to be in the limelight.  Gays are barbarians and here’s breaking news:  Mr. Bachmann must be Attila the Hun. 
Let’s hope Murdoch’s reign of terror is finally coming to its end.  British politicians are feeling free now that the Murdoch oppression has been uncovered.  Now that there is an FBI investigation into allegations that News Corporation may have tried to wiretap the families of 9/11 victims, could Fox news, the Post, and the once great Wall Street Journal all be in trouble?  Let’s hope so.
Finally, memo to Sarah Palin: Andy Warhol called and your time is up.

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