Sunday, July 17, 2011

Red Rover Red Rover send Grover Norquist right over

Watched Marco Rubio’s appearance on Face The Nation and I was not impressed; his silly comment that people would rather do business with ‘Communist China’ than the US was pure folly, and maybe in time he will become wiser.  In the meantime child, let the adults have the conversation and you can sit at the child’s table with Ryan and Cantor. 
If tax reform in the form of lowering tax rates while eliminating tax breaks creates increased tax revenue is it a tax increase?  I bet Red Rover Red Rover send Grover Norquist right over would say so.
If entitlement reform that improves the solvency of Medicare and Social Security includes benefit cuts, higher premiums, and minimum age changes ‘end these programs as we know them’?  I bet Bernie Sanders would say so.
Congratulations to Darren Clarke and his victory at the British Open, his first major.   Also, nice showing by the Americans after placing five of their countrymen in the top ten.
The distortions of the nomination political process are becoming clearer and clearer.  As Bachmann’s ultraconservative bordering on fundamentalist social beliefs make her less and less attractive as a candidate, and as a person I might add, her popularity in Iowa goes up.  Heck even Matthew Dowd called her prejudiced against homosexuals. 
Best part of the format change on This Week: less mike time for George Will.  This week’s Willism: the Tea Party is best thing to happen to the Republican Party since Goldwater.  Suddenly he makes Krauthammer and Kristol look like sages.
I pledge to praise any Republican who demonstrates some back bone and comes out against the ridiculous Norquist no tax pledge and the ridiculous marriage pledge in Iowa.  You must be against both pledges to get my praise.  I am not holding my breath.
Having sat through thousands of hours of PowerPoint presentations and yes you could call me hypocritical here, I laughed at the creation of the Anti PowerPoint Party in Switzerland.  Claiming the Microsoft software package robs the nation of economic activity, this nascent party is quickly building a following.
Watched Dick Armey, ex Republican Majority Leader and current Freedom Works chief, on Fox News and I wonder if he and Boehner go to the same tanning salon?
Speaking of Boehner, his color has taken on a more reddish hue as of late.  My guess his anger is up thanks to the usurping he is getting from Eric Cancer, errr Cantor, his own Majority Leader.  Wonder if Cantor’s been listening to “While My Speaker Gently Weeps”.
Karma.  Perhaps if Venezuelan dictator and vehement anti-American douche Hugo Chavez had been a better diplomat and person, he could be getting treatment for his cancer in the US.  But alas, that door is not open to him; have fun in Havana.
And once again for the people in the cheap seats: we need a National Infrastructure Bank that leads to reinvestment in this country, puts people to work, and doesn’t crowd out the private sector. 

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