Friday, October 12, 2012

Why am I not voting for Mitt Romney and neither should you

Why am I not voting for Mitt Romney and neither should you:

10) Never trust a man who tells you he will provide the details of his plan AFTER you hire him.  He is nothing more than a late night TV infomercial charlatan telling you to send $49.99 and he will send you the secret to building a fortune.

9) 17 of the 24 paid foreign policy/naitonal security advisors working on the Romney campaign worked for the Bush campaign.  The same national security team that ignored the 9/11 warnings, invaded the wrong country, let bin Laden escape, allowed a Taliban resurgence in Afghanstan, and enabled the rise of Iran.  Yep seen that movie before and not interested in the sequel.

8) Romney’s economic advisers include American Enterpise Institute fellow Kevin Hassett who in 1999 claimed the Dow would hit 36,000, Greg Mankiw and Glenn Hubbard who consecutively served as Bush’s chairman of the council of economic advisers, and John Taylor who believes all tax rates should be permanently cut while balancing the budget.  The Romney plan will add $Trillions to our national debt whil elining the pockets of his buddies.

7) The Romney/Ryan ticket opposes abortion and if they had their way they would ban it.  That’s not one small step backward, that’s a giant leap into the 19th century.

6) I have no problem with people with deep faith running for office just as I would have no problem with an atheist running for office and this is why I oppose anything remotely resembling a religious test.  That being said I do have a problem, a major problem, when a politician’s faith becomes a significant factor in policy.

5) If Romney cares about America and future generations they would take climate change, clean air, clean water, and product safety seriously.  Instead they believe the market can regulate itself.  That’s not pious bologna, it is wishful thinking.

4) The lies.  The nonstop lies about Medicare cuts, welfare requirements, stimulus fraud, trade agreements, world apology tours, death panels, and taxpayer funded abortions.  The lie is the favorite tool of the man who has nothing to run on himself. 

3) Romney believes that siddling up to Benjamin Netanyahu shows support for Israel.  At the end of the day, he is pushing Israel further into isolation.  Romney thinks telling a friend what he wants to hear is friendship.

2) Romney’s cluelessnes on immigration is only matched by his desire to avoid the situation. 

1) Trust.  I simply don’t trust Mitt Romney.  I am neither gullible or na├»ve, and I know President Obama is far from perfect, but Mitt Romney is the worst kind of politician, the one that will say anything to get elected so he can make sure his backers profit the most.  The Romney/Ryan ticket are clealry running on behalf of big business, wall street, and the 1% while paying lip service to the middle class.  They talk about working families and the middle class, but it is obvious that their fiscal plan is focused on the top.

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