Thursday, October 4, 2012

Diggaduh Closes for the President

 So, the first presidential debate is over and the reactions have ranged from indifference to full blown apoplexy. Those on the right are crying “game changer” (is there a more overused phrase?), and the liberals are screaming “Oh no Obama blew it” (yes I am talking to the talking heads at MSNBC).  Like a football game we are being overwhelmed with Monday Morning Quaterbacks, woulda, coulda, shoulda, kill the referee, Romney cheated, blah blah blah.  I have my theory that Team Obama made the decision to stay cool and calm and NOT engage Romney in a tit for tat, Joe Wilson “you lie” wresting with a pig (with or without lipstick) debate.  No, Team Obama was going to look presidential, make no gaffes, get a couple of talking points, but let Romney provide ammo for future campaign ads highlighting his flip flop positions.  I am OK with that ‘long term’ approach, except the President still seemed to muddle through his responses and did not make his points as clearly, concisely, and forcefully as possible.

So, I leave you with WWDD, What Would Diggaduh Do, if he were President Obama delivering the 2 minute closing statement.  For the record, I am not comparing myself to President Obama and I have never run for office or spoken on TV to 70 million people.  But hey, it’s my blog and I’ll preach if I want to.

Thank you Governor Romney, ladies and gentlemen in attendance, those watching and listening at home, and Jim for participating tonight.  Throughout the evening’s questions and throughout the entire campaign the American people have been provided a clear distinction between Governor Romney and myself; distinctive visions, beliefs, plans, and solutions.  The differences are stark, not only in content but in consistency.  For nearly four years as your President I have fought for all Americans.  All 100%, not 47%, the rich, the poor, the strong and the weak, red American and blue America, man, woman, child, all religions and all races.  100%.  My record of achievement is quite clear.  On January 29th, 2009, 9 days after being sworn in, I signed into the law The Lilly Ledbetter Act; a law that helps those subjected to unlawful compensation discrimination.  On February 17th, 2009 facing the economic abyss following the largest financial collapse since the great depression, I signed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act also known as the Stimulus where the government created the single greatest middle class tax cut, saved over 3 million jobs, and more importantly stabilized the markets.  That’s not opinion.  Those are facts from independent economists and the bipartisan Congressional Budget Office.  In 2010 Congress passed, and I signed Obamacare, I do love that term, which will bring affordable healthcare access to 30million more Americans, allow kids to stay on their parent’s plan until age 26 and protect citizens from being discriminated and refused coverage due to a pre-existing condition.  Of course that is not all. We have repealed Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, cut taxes even further for middle class families, passed legislation helping our veterans, the very people that make the greatest sacrifice in the defense of our freedom and liberty, created new back to work requirements for welfare recipients because we only succeed if we all succeed,  and established the necessary controls on our financial services industry to prevent another economic meltdown.  My opponent mocks the investment in renewable energy and green technology exhibiting another difference between us.  I recognize the time we spend serving the country  is small compared to the time it takes to nurture new technology and see it evolve.  The technologies we invest in  today will make for a better world for our children and grandchildren and when it comes to energy independence and saving this planet we have been talking about for decades, it is time we do something about it.

Yes the differences between my opponent and me are quite clear, he would have let the U.S. auto industry collapse, while my administration saved it and in the process there are 1million Americans working and earning a decent wage in the Midwest.  If my opponent does not think that was the right decision, perhaps he should visit with some of those people in Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin, and other great states.  Yes the differences are quite clear.  I have pledged to save Medicare while my opponent, and his running mate represent the Republican Party, the party that has been trying to kill this safety net since its inception.  Yes the differences are clear.   My opponent wants to grant a $5Trillion tax cut to the richest 1%, paid for the on the backs of low and middle income Americans.   Yes the differences are clear, my words are backed up by my deeds while my opponent seems unable to maintain a position on most topics.  He repeatedly tells us of his plan for this and his plan for that, but when pressed he offers no substance.  He likes to say the devil is in the details, the problem is the details are what matter and his plan is devoid any such details.  What does it tell you that my opponent’s economic plan could not even be scored by the CBO?  Tonight you have heard him talk about eradicating our national debt but he won’t increase taxes; a theory no credible economist believes is remotely possible.  He claims he will offset a reduction in tax rates by eliminating certain unspecified deductions and firing Big Bird.  It doesn’t add up.

Yes the differences are clear.  My opponent wants you to double down on the failed Bush economic policies, this time  on steroids, or you can stay with the forward looking solution that has generated 30 months of consecutive job growth while preparing the United States for the coming decades; a solution for all of America.  100% of America.  Thank you and good evening.

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