Sunday, October 28, 2012

Diggathoughts, musings, opinions, questions, and observations.


Diggathoughts, musings, opinions, questions, and observations.

1)      It is neither reasonable to think renewable energy sources can immediately replace fossil fuels nor is it reasonable to think we can drill our way to a better future.

2)      If you deny man’s impact on climate change and at the same time say God will make sure we are saved because the promise he made to Noah, you are the perfect Republican Congressman to be a member of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce.  (psst that would be John Shimkus).

3)      When Dick Lugar and Bill Bennett, Republican senators who voted with their GOP colleagues 90% of the time are considered ‘not conservative enough’ then you know that party has moved off the charts to the right.

4)      The main stream media should be ashamed of themselves for failing to portray the true Paul Ryan, the true ultra-social conservative who would deny contraception and ban abortion on religious grounds.  Calling Ryan and his cabal of Blunt, Broun, Akin, Mourdock, and Bachmann out for their Taliban-like social stances is the media’s duty.

5)      GOP tries to discredit Nate Silver because his election prediction model doesn't consider 'God's Will' in the algorithm.  

6)      Ripped right from the conservative leaning Economist Its (The U.S.) government spends barely more than 0.1% of GDP on “active labour-market policies” to get the less skilled back to work, one-fifth of the OECD average. Only half of American children attend pre-school. China plans to have 70% of its children in three years of pre-school by 2020.”  And yet the GOP thinks closing the education gap can happen at the state level?

7)      Block grants and vouchers are Republican code speak for privatization and elimination.

8)      If you really oppose income redistribution, then you should oppose ‘carried interest’ which allows private-equity managers to pay obscenely low capital gains tax rates.

9)      I wish liberal media would stop questioning blue collar workers who vote Republican and in the process vote against their own best interests.  There are many of us who vote for progressive causes and against our own best interests.

10)   Remember when Tip O'Neill said is goal was to make Reagan a one term President? Me neither.

11)   Judge a leader by those he surrounds himself with. Romney: Sununu, Trump, Bolton, Mankiw, Hubbard, Senor. Be afraid, be very very afraid.

12)   Early indicators on Nov 6th: FL and VA polls close at 7pm EST and OH at 7:30pm EST.

13)   Rape is God's will. Taliban teaching? No. Salafist teaching? No. How about good ole home grown GOP ideology

14)   Watched 20 minutes of the Jersey Shore and perhaps selective voter suppression isn’t a bad idea. (snark)

15)   International Cycling Union President Pat McQuaid "Lance Armstrong has no place in cycling and he deserves to be forgotten in cycling. This is a landmark day for cycling."  Really?  The sport has been plagued by performance enhacing drugs for over fifty years; long before Lance Armstrong arrived on the scene.  Armstrong is getting his comeuppance, rightly so, but for Mr. McQuaid to take such umbrage and holy than thou stance is laughable.  Would McQuaid like to explain: Ulrich, Contador, Pantani, Meier, Zulle, Landis, Basso, Rasmussen, and DOZENS of other top ten finishers at the Tour over the last 15 years.  Spare us the pious bologna and swiss.

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